How to Type with Long Nails Effortlessly – Discover Pro Tips

There are certain types of tasks where you will feel a little discomfort while performing if you’ve long nails.

How to type with long nails? ~ Typing with long nails can be one of those critical tasks that make you feel miserable with long nails.

Long nails are the glory of a woman and the most elegant part of your hand. It’s not just long nails, it defines a lot of your personality.

It’s hard to maintain long nails on these busy racing days and there you are keeping so well maintained long nails. Surely that defines how much you care about yourself, and how much you are passionate about your every inception of beauty.

Many women are having a miss conception that it is senseless to keep long nails as they act as an obstacle to their routine. And then they chop them off.

how to type with long nails

But you just don’t need to think that way. In this blog post, I’m going to share with you my techniques on how to type with long nails.

Also, I’m going to add techniques that I’ve come to know after researching it. So let’s get started….

How to type with Long Nails on keyboards

In this era of the digital world, we can’t just keep ourselves away from laptops, and smartphones. We need to use smartphones, and laptops for writing notes, sending emails, replaying messages, creating our daily to-do lists, etc.

But with long nails, typing on laptops, desktop mechanical keyboards or even smartphones is pretty troubling, right?

And if you are more into typing from the standpoint of your job, such as a programmer, content writer, etc, then it will not be that easy for you to go through your job effortlessly with long nails.

So here are some tips on how to type with long nails and by following them you can keep your gorgeous long nails even though your primary work falls into typing.

Choose the right shape for your long nails.

There’s no doubt that the beauty of long nails comes from the shape. There are many long nail shapes you’ll see but the most popular ones are coffin, stiletto, and almond.

nails shapes longnailsqna

Well, they look glorious but it will be like “pleasure with pain” kind of. Cause those pointed or sharp-edged shapes of long nails will be harder for you to get your daily things done with. And also typing on a keyboard is annoying.

You will keep on making typos and eventually, your typing speed will slow down. To crush this misery, I recommend you to keep your long nails in a rounded or oval shape when it comes to preferring productivity more than beauty.

You will feel comfier with round or oval-shaped long nails.

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Change your typing pattern

We generally type with our fingertips. But when you’ll have long fingernails, the use of your fingertips will just fade away. Because of those long nails, you can’t use your fingertips smoothly without hitting your long nails.

How to Type with Long Nails

Every time you’ll tend to use your fingertips, your long nails will come into play. And thus, the chances of breaking your long nails will intensify.

Instead of using the fingertips typing method, you better adopt a different pattern of typing with long nails. And that is, typing with your fingerpads.

That way, you are placing your fingers horizontally to the keys and you will see your nails aren’t hitting the keys on the above row while typing. And you’ll have a great experience typing with long nails.

This pattern of typing may be hard for you in the beginning but with practice, you can easily be comfortable with it. Practice makes perfect.

Practice and track your improving records

Don’t just give up on it as it’s not happening on the first try.

It will take time to get used to it. You just can’t do skateboarding on the first day after getting it. And that doesn’t mean you will never be able to do skateboarding.

You have to learn it patiently and keep on practicing and over time you’ll be pro at skateboarding. Right? This same concept you need to keep in mind and start practicing typing with long nails.

In my case, I have followed this typing method and continued to practice with that. Currently, my nails are 10 mm long from the tips and this is my typing speed on and the result is just inspiring for me.


Tracking the improvement records will motivate you to keep on doing better.

How to type fast with long nails?

Along with how to type with long nails, you might also have encountered the curiosity to know about how to type fast with long nails.

Those initial days, you shouldn’t focus on the typing speed. The speed you’ll acquire over time. All you just need is to focus on the accuracy of your typing, not on the speed.

Just like a kid when they learn to write a letter first. And that matters a lot.

Remember the moment you started typing on the QWERTY keyboard. You used to search for the right key and didn’t care about the speed.

So here, with long nails and with this new pattern of typing, you have to just focus on the accurateness of your typing. Make sure you are pressing the right key, if it’s not happening, just fix that.

The speed you will acquire automatically with accuracy over time. Cause if you keep on making typos, you have to erase the typos and retype them. That incorporates a lot of time wasted on one particular task.

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How to type with long nails on Phones

We use our smartphones daily. From opening an app to texting someone, we just need to tap tap and tap…

And for messaging, we primarily use our smartphone as it’s way too convenient for this purpose than laptops or computers.

Now with long nails, you’ll face a new kind of problem tapping and typing on your smartphone. You will just wonder to know about how to type with long nails on phones

You might be facing issues like you are trying to open one particular app but unfortunately, you have opened the wrong app. You might get irritated by choosing the wrong emoji multiple times.

Here you can follow these tips mentioned below about how to type with long nails on phones and you won’t face a hard time texting with long nails.

Most prominent way of using your phone with long nails.

Before I dive into discussing how to type with long nails on phones, let’s just know the patterns we follow to hold our phones to operate them. We can hold and use our phones in the most suitable 4 different ways.

  1. Holding the phone in one hand and using the pointer finger of the other hand.
  2. Holding the phone with both hands and using the thumps of both hands.
  3. Holding the phone in one hand and using the thumb of the same hand.
  4. Placing the phone somewhere and using pointer fingers.

Long nails will create havoc while texting if your phone holding styles fall into No. 2 and No. 3. Here is why…

#No. 2 & 3:

As the phone’s keypad used to be very tiny, it’s really hard to tap on the right button on the keypad with your thumb when you have long nails.

how to type with long nails on phone

As thump fingers are relatively wider than other fingers, you will face issues tapping on the right position horizontally with your thumb pad on such tiny keypads.

You’ll make a lot of typos if you are holding the phone and use it that way. But if you can adopt the habit of using your fingerpads correctly, then you can continue to type on your phone this way.

#No. 1:

You can hold your phone in one hand and use your other hand’s pointer finger to type in or operate your phone. You’ll feel comfortable with it as our pointer fingers are relatively leaner and prevailing.

how to type with long nails

You can avoid making typos here. Well, the operating speed may slow down but look at the bright side, you are capable of using smartphones, texting, and all without trimming your gorgeous long nails. 😊

#No. 4:

You can keep your phone on the table and start operating it with your two pointer fingers. That will boost your texting speed on smartphones for sure. But you should consider doing this for short time.

how to type with long nails on phone

Looking down constantly on your phone may be painful for your backbone. So you should also keep this fact in your mind.

I recommend you to use the No. 1 and No. 4 phone holding patterns if you want to create fewer typos. But they can slow down the typing speed comparatively than typing with your thumbs.

Use a stylus pen

If you want more relaxation on using a phone with long nails and want to get rid of that sticky question in your mind about how to type with long nails on phones again and again, then using a stylus pen would be a wonderful choice for this purpose.

Your long nails will never create any obstacles while operating your phone with a stylus pen.

how to type with long nails

But you should get a universal stylus pen. A universal stylus pen will be compatible with most of the phone touchscreens out there.

So you don’t have to buy a separate stylus pen for all of your phones or tablets.

If you are using Apple products, you can use the Apple Pencil as a stylus pen for all of your apple products.

Wrapping up:

If you have long natural nails or you have got artificial nails, no matter, both will be bothersome for you equally to do certain tasks. It is because we aren’t habituated to playing things cool with long nails from the beginning. Right?

But with the admiring mindset towards long nails and not abating the glory of your hand, you can make it happen, you can play things cool with long nails.

Just practice the stuff I have mentioned in this blog post How to type with long nails and keep enjoying the presence of your beautiful long nails.

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