How to Maintain Long Natural Nails [8 Pro Tips]

“I just love long natural nails, but every time I start to grow my nails, I ended up losing them by breaking in a few initial days!”

Yes, that’s the awful story of most of the girls among us. Who doesn’t like to keep long natural nails and paint them with their favorite color?

But the irony is, that most of us can’t afford beautiful natural long nails.

A few among us then proceed to get fake nails done, which is time-consuming and also requires some extra bucks.

But don’t worry, here in this article, I’ll share with you some tips, and trust me by following these you can easily be able to afford long natural nails and continue to maintain them. So let’s get startedโ€ฆ

Best Practices to Maintain Long Natural Nails

Be careful

First of all, when you are having long nails, equal to or more than 5 mm long, in that case, the way you treat your newly painted nails, is the same way you have to treat them always.

By saying this, I meant to say, you have to be just careful all the time.

Long Natural Nails

Don’t just forget that you have long nails. Just be careful when you use your hands.

Don’t rush to bump your finger to the elevator’s button or open a can or car’s door or anything where your nails’ tips will come in touch. Instead, you can use your knuckles to press buttons or other such stuff.

An activity by your hands during your unconsciousness may cause you to lose those lustrous beautiful natural long nails. Yes, that’s miserable. A good time and care will require to get them back where they are now.

A little carefulness always is just the secret of having those beauties, I mean, your long natural nails. ๐Ÿ˜Š

All you just need to adopt a caring nature towards your natural long nails to maintain them forever.

Use Gloves: Protect your natural long nails from harsh chemicals.

If you have to do household chores, such as cleaning or washing dishes, you should try protecting your natural long nails by wearing gloves.

Long Natural Nails

Because such detergents have harsh chemicals that will shred away all the natural oil from your long natural nails. (Recommended Gloves: Check here)

As a result, your nails will gradually become weaker and the risks of breaking will intensify.

Avoid acetone contained nail paint remover

Do you know that the nail paint remover you are using is containing acetone?

Yeah, the most common nail paint removers in the market are acetone-based nail paint removers. But the fact is, acetone isn’t harmful, although it can dehydrate our cuticles and the nail plate.

Thus, nails will become dry and brittle. That acetone will act as an obstacle to your dream to keep long natural nails.

Long Natural Nails

Now you know what to do? ๐Ÿ˜Š

Switch to a non-acetone-based nail paint remover. Non-acetone-based nail paint removers contain ethylene acetate as their primary component, which is harmless for nails as well as for the skin.

Give your long natural nails a better life. They deserve it. ๐Ÿ‘

Keep your long natural nails moisturized

To boost the health of your long natural nails, you have to keep your nails moisturized (including your nail plate and cuticles).

Long Natural Nails

You can use moisturizing creams or oil to keep your nails moist. Dry nails or nails that are over-exposed to liquid become weaker and prone to breakage. (Recommended moisturizing creams for Nails: Check here)

For a healthy nail life, you can do manicures regularly on your nails, or you can visit a nearby nail salon.

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Keep your nails unpainted sometimes.

The feeling of painting our long natural nails with our favorite color is just like receiving a new gift from our beloved one. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Right?

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But here’s one thingโ€ฆ

Leave your nails unpainted for some time (1 or 2 days). Think like you are giving your long natural nails a no-nail paint vacation. Let them out in the open air for some fresh air.

Long Natural Nails

By doing this, you are gently letting nature do its job and that will prosper your long natural long nails a longer life. And that’s your ultimate fantasy.

Never bite your nails!

If you have the habit of nail-biting, you will hardly be able to have beautiful long natural nails. Nail-biting is a behavior found in 20 to 30% of Americans.

Some of them bite nails even without realizing what they are doing. Strange, right? ๐Ÿ˜ณ

Long Natural Nails

So, now for your beautiful long nails or to have gorgeous long nails, you need to stop biting your nails. One way to stop this bad habit is by applying some bitter-tasting nail paint.

So when you’ll bite or chew your nails, that nasty taste of your nail paint will interrupt you from committing this repeatedly.

And over time, you’ll get rid of this bad habit of nail-biting. (Recommended best No-Bite Nail Paint: Check here)

Trim and file your long nails periodically

You should periodically trim and file your long nails. By doing this, you are making your nails less prone to break. And after all, a good shape of your nails ensures the best life for your nails.

Long Natural Nails

Prefer to keep round-shaped long nails. Because they are least likely to get broken when you do anything with your hand with the least care.

Try changing your nail shape today to oval or rounded. That will definitely help you to have long nails in the long run without breaking them.

Maintain a proper diet:

To have perfect nail health, you should consider taking proper nutrients.

Long Natural Nails

Take those listed materials below to have perfect nail health.

Minerals Food items
IronBaked potatoes, Tofu, Beans, and lentils
Magnesium Peanuts, Spinach, Pumpkin seeds, Almonds,
Biotin (Protein)Yogurt, Milk, Meat, Eggs, Cheese, Poultry
Vitamin-CCitrus fruits (Orange, Grapefruit), Strawberries

Wrapping up:

These are a few practices you can adopt to maintain long natural nails.

Try practicing those and you’ll have amazing shiny long natural nails as a gift. Not only this, but you’ll also start receiving appreciation for your long natural nails from your friends, colleagues, and beloved ones. That’s the best feeling ever.

Now if you have any such practices that you do to maintain your long nails, please share them with us through a comment below.

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