How to Put a Septum Ball On With Long Nails Effortlessly?

Vanity comes at a price, as do nose piercings and jaw-dropping manicures. When you have got your nails done, daily tasks, as well as simple tasks such as picking or fixing things, or here putting a septum ball on, you’re in for a treat.

how to put a Septum Ball on with Long Nails

Figuring out tips and tricks to navigate through tasks with long nails is your saving grace. For the purpose of this article, let’s discuss how to put a Septum Ball on with Long Nails, along with the difficult areas that you may face with safety tips.

Septum balls that have a ball closure mechanism are basically Nose rings that go through your nasal septum. Screwing the ball with long nails is the task I will try to make easier for you in this article so that you don’t have to give up on using one.

How to Put a Septum Ball On With Long Nails?

There is no elaborate 5-step routine to this. As far as it goes, you remove the septum ball at one end of the ring and close it after inserting it through the nose piercing. Now the problem arises with long nails when it comes to closing the other end of the ring with the ball while holding the other end for a steady process.

how to put a Septum Ball on with Long Nails

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There’s a way to pick difficult things, it’s by using tools that have some form of adhesion to them. You can use a hot glue stick to stick the end of the ball on. Although it’s a long shot, you can use a small pin or toothpick and apply a little bit of nail glue (or any glue) or Bluetec to the stick for the ball to stick on.

If DIY tools aren’t a thing for you, you can always go for a “piercing ball remover/tighter tool,” aka “Body Jewelry Ball Holder/Removal Tool.”

With that tool, you can effortlessly put a septum ball on with long nails. One amazing thing about this tool is that it provides a secure silicon end for a tight grip, plus it is available in different sizes ranging from 2mm to 6mm. So, before you shop it, make sure you pick the ideal set of sizes on your cart that works with your septum ball.

Well, now you have the tool to put the septum ball on the septum ring, but what about putting the septum ball into that tool? Did we just miss that horrific task? Of course not! To be honest, picking that small ball with long nails isn’t easy. Therefore, there’s this tool, the “piercing ball grabber tool,” also known as, the “Jeweler’s Pick-Up Tool.”

This piercing ball grabber tool with cross-hatched handle provides a perfect grip to pick up any tiny balls ranging from 2mm to 10mm easily. Therefore, with the help of this tool, you can easily pick that septum ball and put it perfectly in the piercing ball remover/tightener tool.

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How to Tighten the Septum Ball With Long Nails?

Whether you have naturally long nails or you’ve got acrylic ones, you will undoubtedly face difficulty in holding that tiny septum ball. And tightening the ball with long nails is a task that seems far away from reality to get done.

Here comes the use of a tool to ease up this process. You can use your DIY tools for tightening up the septum ball with long nails, or you can use a specialized tool that is designed to solve this issue.

First, let’s talk about a DIY tool that you can easily make with the things available at your home. All you need is a pencil with an eraser top and a tapered ball nose end mill. Create a precise hole on the eraser of that pencil with the help of that tapered ball nose end mill so that you can fit the septum ball in it. Thanks to Ms. Rico for sharing such an idea.

Now take the piercing ball grabber tool and pick up the septum ball, and put it in the hole you have created in the eraser of the pencil. Everything is sorted? Not yet! To tighten the septum ball, the other end of it needs to be gripped properly in order to prevent it from shaking while screwing.

Again, the septum ring is so tiny you can’t seem to make a proper grip on it with long nails. Say goodbye to this issue with a hemostat. A hemostat appears to be a great gripping tool that makes your tightening task much more convenient with long nails.

Simply grip the other end of the septum ring with the hemostat and then use the DIY tool to tighten the septum ball.

Secondly, if creating the DIY tool isn’t convenient for you or you are looking for a specified tool for this purpose, then you can use the “piercing ball remover/tightener tool” for the same that I have mentioned earlier. Either way, your task of screwing the septum ball with nails will bring a delightful experience.

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How to Remove the Septum Ball With Long Nails?

Due to tightening, it would become tedious to remove the septum ball with long nails. You can use case pliers to unscrew them as a fuss-free and painless method.

These set of pliers with carbon steel as a material and rubber covers in the handle provide great confront while gripping. For support, while removing the septum ball with long nails, you can use a hemostat for the same.

Safety Tips to Follow While Changing Your Septum Ball With Long Nails

Now, this is the most important part that you must have to follow while changing your septum ball on your own.

If you are using a hemostat to grip the septum ring, before gripping it, make sure you have entirely placed it in the ring, and cross-check that this tool is away from your nose or any surrounding part where skin can be in touch.

While using the plier, be extra careful; it has a sharp needle nose. Always look for such pilers that have rubber in the handle so that they don’t slip away and hurt you accidentally while working with them.

For a safer side, opt for round or almond nail shapes. Pointy and sharp long nails could hurt you while putting on the septum balls.

Lastly, after removing the septum ring, you must clean your nose. For this cleaning purpose, “NeilMed NeilCleanse Piercing Aftercare” is best recommended. By acquiring this aftercare treatment, you can ensure everything is sanitized and nothing is infected.

For ease of application, take a cotton bud, spray some sterile saline on it, and then clean the piercing area in your nose with that cotton bud. Read more about nose piercing aftercare here.

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Wrapping up:

To sum it up, it’s not a cakewalk to put a septum ball on with long acrylic/press-on nails. It will require some practice with patience to get used to it. Even if some tools or tricks fail to work for you, asking for help from someone with short nails should do the deed.

how to put a Septum Ball on with Long Nails

In my opinion, unlike septum ball rings, septum clickers are much easier to put on the nose. If, even with practice, putting septum ball rings with long nails still remains a herculean task, opt for septum clicker rings for ease of use.


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