How to Shower With Acrylic Nails? Discover Pro Tips

Acrylic nails are a go-to fashion these days, which are super trendy and gorgeous and help in highlighting the beauty of one’s hand. Therefore, it is a priority to take care of acrylic nails as the longer they shine, the longer they look great.

How to Shower with Acrylic Nails

However, maintaining acrylic nails is quite a challenging task! Most importantly, showering with acrylic nails could be a lot problematic and makes your certain shower business a bit difficult to conduct.

Don’t worry, I have shared my ultimate tips and tricks to help you how to shower with acrylic nails, along with my everyday-friendly solutions as a bonus that will help you maintain your acrylic nails all fresh and new.

How to Shower With Acrylic Nails?

Although acrylic nails may appear to be as realistic as they may seem to be, it is important for us to realize that they are ultimately fake nails. This is why we have to be super careful while showering with acrylic or press-on nails. Here are a few tips that I personally follow and suggest you give a try.

How to Shower with Acrylic Nails

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Tip -1: Try not to expose your acrylic nails to water for a longer time.

While you shower with acrylic nails, always try not to expose them to water for too long. Exposing acrylics to water for an extensive period of time or regularly might lead to falling out of your acrylic nails.

Tip – 2: Use a pair of gloves.

You can use a pair of gloves to protect your acrylic nails from prolonged exposure to water. However, using tight gloves will have a chance of putting pressure on the tip of your acrylics which is again not suitable. Therefore, always go for loose and thin gloves that will enable your acrylics to fit even while you shower with acrylic nails.

I use these OriStout gloves while showing as well as doing household chores to protect my long nails. These gloves work amazingly and I suggest you use the same. Using gloves will not only help your acrylics stay healthy and safe from water, but it will also help in avoiding any nail fungus or lifting of acrylics at an unpleasant timeframe.

Tip – 3: Use a scrubber.

During the shower, don’t use your acrylic nails to wash your hair. You can put your acrylic nails in a vulnerable situation where they might fall or you might scratch your scalp accidentally. I personally use this hair scrubber from HEETA to protect my nails as well as my hair and scalp.

Tip – 4: Big no to warm water.

Just like a nail polish remover, warm water can also be used to take acrylic nails off. And that’s even a DIY hack. So, if you expose your acrylic nails to warm water for a longer time, you might lose them.

Tip – 5: Big no to salt water.

Salts have a greater impact on making acrylic nails dry and brittle, causing them to break and loosen out of their texture. It would be a devastating and heartbroken scenario to watch our beautiful acrylics brittle out and get damaged.

Therefore, to avoid such a heartbreaking moment, I suggest you, from my experience, use a shower filter. This will enable you to shower with minerals and salt-free water, allowing you to save your acrylic nails.

Once you adopt these tips, I assure you can take a shower with long acrylic nails without compromising your shower as well as not shortening the lifespan of your beautiful acrylic nails.

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Is It Ok to Go Swimming With Acrylic Nails?

Yes, it is okay to go swimming with acrylic nails. Although, spending extensive time while swimming is not recommended as it can damage your acrylics.

Just make sure to avoid swimming in salty water. Saltwater is highly damaging for acrylic nails and being overexposed to it will lead your acrylic nails to wear off.

Can You Take a Shower After Getting Your Nails Done?

You should not take a shower immediately after getting acrylic nails done. To make it look flawless and long-lasting, you need to allow it to set well before hopping into a shower.

Wait for at least a minimum of five hours patiently after you are done with your acrylics. This will help them have an adequate amount of time to settle perfectly on your nail bed.

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How to Take Proper Care of Acrylic Nails Post-Shower?

Even if you put your gloves on while you shower with acrylic nails, it is equally important to take care of your nails post-shower by following my acrylic care tips.

How to Shower with Acrylic Nails

1. Always keep your nails scientifically clean.

If you have undergone an acrylic nail session, then it is necessary for you to maintain hygiene. Once you have pat dry your acrylic nails post-shower, you can apply a generous amount of rubbing alcohol using a Q-tip under the nails. This will help you to prevent the growth of any unwanted bacteria and fungi.

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2. Applying oil to your acrylic nails will help them to strengthen

After you shower with acrylic nails, treat your acrylic nails with jojoba oil. This helps you to keep your nails healthy and increase their longevity by making their texture more flexible. You can also indulge in this treatment process every night before sleep time.

If you are following this treatment prior to your bedtime, massage your acrylic nails with either of your preferred oil gently and wear gloves after you are done. This will ensure the settling of the oil on your acrylics properly.

Although, it is best advised to follow this solution after you are done showering with your acrylic nails or after going through any extensive activity that includes water.

If by any means you are not a fan of any of the above oil or looking for a substitute and availability-friendly oil, then you can always go for Vitamin E oil or cuticle oil.

3. Do not forget to moisturize your cuticles.

Another nail care routine that you should follow after showering with acrylic nails is always to moisturize your cuticles. Acrylics stick to our nail bed with not just the help of acrylic material but also as long as our cuticle is not drying out.

After you have taken a shower with your acrylic nails on, it is quite possible for your skin to dry out due to the loss of natural body oil during the shower. Therefore, it is crucial to add cuticle oil to our post-shower routine. This will help your cuticle to stay fresh, clean, and moisturized, allowing acrylics to stay for a good amount of time.

Apart from following the above oil solutions to keep your acrylics and cuticle healthy, you should also apply a top coat every week. This will not only help them look new, stunning, and fresh but will also help to even out any microfractures, making them look perfect!

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How to Shower With Acrylic Nails? – FAQs

Does water ruin acrylic nails?

Hard water has a high amount of minerals and salt and does hold the capacity to ruin and damage your acrylic nails. However, if your acrylic nails are prone to filtered water for a very less span of time, it is safe. To keep your acrylics intact and safe, follow the above-given solutions post your acrylics come in contact with water.

Do acrylics come off in the Shower?

No, if your shower water is salt and minerals-free and if you allow a good amount of time for your acrylics to set before showering, then it doesn’t wear off. However, if your acrylics are exposed to water for a longer period of time, even if your shower water is free of minerals and salt, chances are there that your acrylics may come off in the shower.

Wrapping up:

I have shared a wide range of suggestions along with easy-to-use solutions so that you don’t have to hop from one page to another to find effective solutions to acrylic nail issues. In my opinion, acrylic nails that have the capacity to enhance our beauty should be well-treated and taken care of properly.

I assure you that once you follow the above-shared advice, you will not have to look back any further and can enjoy and flaunt your long, lavishing acrylic nails confidently!


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