How to Write with Long Nails Comfortably? [5 Effective Tips]

We all desire long nails; if we fail to keep naturally long nails, we look for acrylic nails or gel extensions. When maintained and painted correctly, long nails become the most appealing gift that completes the charming look of our hands.

how to write with long nails

But we can’t ignore the fact that performing specific tasks becomes challenging with long nails. And writing with long nails is one of them. If you wonder how to write with long nails faster with comfort, this post will be a blessing.

Writing is one crucial activity you can’t dodge if you are a student. And slow writing can affect you at full tilt in your academic career. Facing this issue with long nails is obvious. And as an ultimate option, students prefer to trim their nails.

Another crucial part of academic life is frequent exams! You have to attempt the questions in the exams in a limited time. If you have long nails, they might affect your writing speed. And the consequence may be that you end up with many questions unattempted.

But fret not. I have shared five tips that will give you a new perspective on tackling this issue. By adopting some patterns and practicing them, you can eventually develop the habit of writing comfortably with long nails.

How to Write with Long Nails Comfortably?

You might think trimming your nails short is the only way to solve this problem. But that’s not the point. In my case, I indulged in long nails first in junior high school. And since then, I have been maintaining long nails.

So here, I will share all my tips to help you understand how to write comfortably with long nails. The first thing is to have the mindset to adopt new patterns (some might be unconventional) for specific tasks to accomplish with long nails.

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Tip 1: Keep Your Nails Medium Long

I see a few of my friends who used to keep growing their nails without maintaining them to a standard length. Extra-long nails affect your writing speed and are prone to breaking.

So here, from my experience, you should maintain a standard length of your nails where you can at least grip the pen with your fingers comfortably. Also, make sure the nails of your thumb and index fingers aren’t so long that they touch the paper when you write.

how to write with long nails

Usually, long nails 3 mm to 5 mm long from the tip are perfect for any task, from typing on keyboards to writing faster with comfort.

Tip 2: Keep Short Nails on Your Dominant Hand

Keeping short nails on your dominant hand will entirely solve the problem of writing with long nails. Many corporate girls prefer to keep short nails on their dominant hand.

How to Write With Long Nails

But I know what you are thinking. The combination of short nails on one hand and long nails on the other may feel bizarre to you somehow. Or you’ll treat one hand ideally with long manicured nails, whereas the other is in total improper condition with short nails.

In this case, you can at least keep your nails 3 to 5 mm long on your dominant hand to enjoy long nails. You don’t have to trim them entirely, as nails 3 to 5 mm long from the tips are easy to handle.

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Tip 3: Keep Short Nail on Your Thumb Finger

If you intensely focus on your fingers when you grip a pen and start writing, you will notice that the pen is placed on your third finger, where your thumb and index fingers tighten the grip.

a female hand showing the ideal nail length for writing comfort

In this scenario, your index finger stays vertically facing downward, and your thumb is closely gripped with the pen. The long nail on your thumb will interfere with the gripping, and you will face discomfort while writing.

Keeping the nail on your thumb shorter so it doesn’t graze the pen can be a great solution to make your writing process comfortable with long nails. If that’s not what you plan to do, don’t worry! I have two more tips to help you comfortably write with long nails. Keep reading!

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Tip 4: Practice Adopting a Different Pen Holding Style

Usually, we hold the pen, placing it on our third finger and creating a grip with the finger pads of our index and thumb fingers. And that’s where the long nails of our thumbs and fingers mess with the pen, making us uncomfortable holding the pen and writing.

But what if we slightly alter this pattern of holding a pen and adopt a new pattern where the long nails of our thumb fingers do not interfere with the pen? I know it’ll be exciting. So, let’s look at how you can hold the pen differently and how it will help you to write with long nails.

how to write with long nails

So here, you will not use the finger pad of your thumb finger to grip the pen. Instead, you will use the root muscle of your thumb finger to hold the pen. By doing so, you are obscuring the long nail of your thumb finger from interfering with the pen.

I know that getting along with this new pattern will take some time. But once you get used to this pattern, you can write with long nails effortlessly. Everything depends on us. If we can practice, we can make it. Here is a video to help you understand how to hold your pen and write with your long nails.

Try practicing writing in that new style, and over time, you will notice that it isn’t making an issue in writing. Also, you will see progress in your writing speed with long nails.

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Tip 5: Try Getting Fake Nails For a Short Period

If you are a student wondering how to write comfortably with long nails and can’t find any options that fit you, you can try getting fake nails. Fake nails, commonly known as press-on nails, are perfect as they are quick to get set on your nails and easy to remove in seconds.

how to write with long nails

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So, during intensive writing, you can remove your press-on nails. You can get those press-on nails once you are not writing, hanging out with your besties, or attending a family gathering. The best part is that you will still be able to enjoy the presence of long nails whenever you want.

Press-on nails can last longer and are inexpensive and easy to maintain. Check out my post, “How Long Do Press-On Nails Last?” for comprehensive knowledge of the lifespans of press-on nails.

Besides, they are harmless. Plus, you can shop for press-on nails in beautiful nail art. This will also save you a lot of time.

Also, you can apply nail stickers of your favorites to them, treat them with black canvas, and fill them with your favorite nail art. Here are the best fake nails that you can use on your nails at home. This nail-tip kit consists of 288 matte press-on nails.

You can quickly put them on and do any nail art or nail design that you love. Also, look at this post, where I have handpicked the 7 best sets of long-lasting press-on nails in 2024.

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How to Write With Long Nails

Final Takeaway

Writing isn’t the only problem you will face with long nails. But that’s true. Once you develop the mindset of keeping your nails long, no matter what, you will somehow get some shortcuts to accomplish your task.

So, here I share five tips about how to write comfortably with long nails. If you want to keep your nails long, try adopting the new pen-holding style I discussed. Getting used to it might take a while, but look at the bright side: you can keep your long nails.


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