7 Best Nail Polishes for Water Marbling in 2024

Marble nails are booming in the art industry nowadays. The beauty of this design is that a beginner, as well as a professional nail technician, can create equally beautiful designs. All you need is a cup of normal water and a few nail polish colors.

best nail polishes for water marbling

This technique is so popular that almost all the prominent nail tech brands have launched their range of watercolor nail polish, specifically designed for nail polish marbling. 

Here I curated a list of the best nail polishes for water marbling in 2024! If you have created this design with normal nail polishes, then this is the perfect time to upgrade to these products because the results are much more pleasing. 

Marble nail polish is specially designed to interact with water and provide perfect water swirl nails. You can create monochrome marble designs, pearly marble effects with white marble nail polish, and classic black and red nail designs.

However, some parameters must be kept in mind while choosing the perfect set of water nail polish. Let’s quickly understand those!

What to Look for in a Nail Polish for Water Marbling?

Understanding every chemical that constitutes the product is very tough for people without a chemistry background. However, we can look at some basic features of marble nail colors (that are listed below) to choose the perfect one.

  • Finish Type: Marble nail polishes are available in glossy, matte, and shimmery finish types. Make sure you choose the right finish type for your next marble nail art.
  • Instant Curing: The nail polish shouldn’t take a lot of time to cure, because the nail art process is already very time-consuming. Check for nail polishes that will dry instantly.
  • The Perfect Consistency: If the nail polish is too thick, then bumps will appear which will ruin the nail art. Ensure the correct consistency of the marble nail polish before picking it on your cart.
  • No Toxic Chemicals: Our nails absorb the products we apply, so make sure the marble nail polish you are shopping for is free from toxins.

7 Best Nail Polishes for Water Marbling in 2024 – Handpicked for You

Let’s look at the best nail polishes for water marbling handpicked critically to beautify your nails with the classy marble design. I have covered the pros the cons of each product along with the nature of the product to help you decide on the best. 

best nail polishes for water marbling

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1. Beetles Nail Blooming Gel

Beetles Nail Blooming Gel is one of the best nail polishes for water marbling. This blooming gel will bloom a flower of elegance on your nails! You can create numerous designs including marbling, tie dye, natural stone, watercolor effects, etc. You just have to apply the product, it will blend itself in some time, then cure it and you are done!

Pros I found:

  • It is a self-assembling product, just apply it to gel and leave.
  • Available in a variety of pigmented colors.

Cons I found:

  • It is a gel-based product so can be used with gel only.

Brand: Beetles Gel Polish | Item Form: Gel | Material Type Free: Alcohol-Free | Finish Type: Clear | Number of Items: 1 | Liquid Volume: 0.51 FL OZ

2. BURANO Marble Nail Polish

The best part of this product is that all 8 colors have a glittery effect. Marble nails look extra fabulous with a tint of glitter. A gold touch onto white marble nails gives a timeless royal look, but the biggest challenge nail artists face is applying gold with the polish, this product is perfect for this design.

Pros I found:

  • UV-LED is not needed to cure.
  • Glitter is available along with the colors.
  • Perfect for DIY at home.

Cons I found:

  • The colors are not that bright.

Brand: BURANO | Item Form: Gel, Liquid | Finish Type: Shimmery | Number of Items: 8 | Liquid Volume: 2.0 FL OZ

Pro Tip:  Use the gold glitter marble nail polish to add a touch of gold to other nail designs as well. This can be used to glamorize 3-D acrylic nail accessories.

3. MIZHSE Blooming Gel Nail Polish

This color marble nail polish kit has 12 vibrant nail colors. The specialty of these colors is that they give an ink-like effect which is perfect for tie-dye and marbelizing your nails. These colors are gel based so the products will pop up perfectly. The best part about the MIZHSE Blooming Gel Nail Polish is that they can be air-dried.

Pros I found:

  • Perfect for tie-dye, floral, and marble patterns.
  • Air-drying colors.
  • The clear blooming gel is available in the kit.

Cons I found:

  • The colors in the kit are not labeled so they are a little tough to organize.
  • It dries too quickly, even before applying the clear gel.

Brand: MIZHSE | Item Form: Gel | Type: Gel | Number of Items: 12 | Liquid Volume: 2.88 FL OZ

4. Modelones Blooming Gel Nail Polish

This kit has 6 items including a clear watercolor nail polish, excellent to create all forms of nail designs like marble, floral, and gradient. The most impressive feature of this is that it is long-lasting, and can last for more than 28 days. The consistency is just perfect which allows the smooth application.

Pros I found:

  • Long-lasting formulation.
  • Toxin-free ingredients.

Cons I found:

  • The blooming gel application seems tricky for beginners.

Brand: Modelones | Item Form: Gel | Type: Gel | Number of Items: 6 | Liquid Volume: 1.44 FL OZ

5. BURANO Nail Blooming Gel

It is a gel-based blooming gel that can be used to create thousands of designs. This kit contains only one product which is undoubtedly the best blooming gel on the list. You can instantly make the desired design using this nail polish, just apply the base coat followed by blooming gel and gel polish, finishing it up with a top coat after curing it.

Pros I found:

  • The best-booming gel on the list.
  • Gel-based formulation.

Cons I found:

  • Nothing that I can mention.

Brand: BURANO | Item Form: Gel | Finish Type: Sheer | Number of Items: 1 | Liquid Volume: 0.5 FL OZ

6. Makartt Clear Blooming Gel

Here I added another high-quality blooming gel to the list. Makartt Clear Blooming Gel is one of the best nail polishes for water marbling. Why? Because, this is an alcohol-free, gel-based blooming gel that will give a realistic watercolor, marble nail, and gradient design. Once you get comfortable with the product, you can experiment a lot with water marble nails.

Pros I found:

  • Low odor.
  • No toxic chemicals.
  • Alcohol-free.

Cons I found:

  • It may leave an uneven nail surface.

Brand: Makartt | Item Form: Gel | Material Type Free: Alcohol-Free | Material Feature: Cruelty Free | Finish Type: Sheer | Number of Items: 1 | Liquid Volume: 0.5 FL OZ

7. Born Pretty Nail Blooming Nail Gel

The last kit on my list is the first kit coming with a set of nail art brushes. Besides, this booming gel comes with a service guarantee from the brand, Born Pretty, that authenticates the product. Apart from being one of the best nail polishes for water marbling, it is a toxin-free watercolor blooming gel but needs UV light to be cured. This kit has 4 items including 3 nail art brushes.

Pros I found:

  • Comes with 3 double-sided nail art brushes.
  • Toxin-free.
  • Service guaranteed product.

Cons I found:

  • Need UV-LED lamp to get cured.

Brand: Born Pretty | Item Form: Gel | Type: Gel | Number of Items: 4 | Liquid Volume: 0.5 FL OZ

Final Thoughts

Creating perfect marble nails is an art! Unless you have the best nail polishes for water marbling, creating such designs on nails is the most tricky thing. You might have to do several attempts to achieve the perfect look. Also, to get comfortable with a watercolor polish or booming gel, give yourself some time. 

The products used to create marble nails are easily available around you. If you want to try out the design at home, then nail polish and water or acetone will be enough. But, if you are a professional nail technician, special products are required to ensure the quality of the nail art. This list has everything you need to ace the design. Keep experimenting!


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