A warm welcome to you on the “About Us” page of longnailsqna.com. We girls love long nails so much that words cannot express it. But most of us fail to flaunt long and well-shaped nails all the time for many reasons.

Raizy Roy

It’s a busy lifestyle, and I get that. And most of the time, I run out of nail art and color ideas. I cannot claim my dress-up is complete if my nails are undone.

I wasted hours searching for perfect nail art ideas (whether for Valentine’s Day or just a normal outing with my besties) on Pinterest and Instagram, among thousands of images.

I searched for the same nail art tutorial or that eye-catching nail art image once again here and there on the internet because they weren’t organized in my phone’s gallery or my bookmark list. Losing some extra time was obvious.

I thought people like me were searching for the same thing on various sites. Then I got a dazzling idea to keep everything that I have learned, experienced, and found in one place for easy and quick access, and that’s how longnailsqna.com appeared online.

Hi there, I’m Raizy, a fashion blogger and the founder of longnailsqna.com. I’m super passionate about makeup, nails, and beauty. This site is where you can explore the ultimate tips for nails and manicures to enjoy long nails, including nail polish ideas. You can explore trending nail art ideas, DIY nail art tutorials with a step-by-step approach, and the best buying guide for various nail art and manicure kits.

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