How to Remove ATM Cards With Long Nails?

Maintaining long nails is an exquisite feeling and it enhances the beauty of our hands and makes us feel more feminine. But with long nails, certain tasks become challenging. And removing the ATM card from ATM is one of them.

remove atm card with long nails

ATM card leaves very little space to make a grip on it when it is in the ATM. And with long nails, it is difficult in making a proper grip on the card to pull it out. I witnessed a girl with very long nails next to me in the ATM booth failed quite a few times to remove the ATM card herself, and she ended up seeking help.

If you are the victim of this problem and looking for how to remove ATM cards with long nails, you are in the right post. I am confident to handle that task with my long nails. (P.S. I know the trick 😉). And so, I can assure you won’t face this challenge anymore.

How to Remove ATM Cards With Long Nails?

Here I’ve come up with a sophisticated tool, and with that, you can remove ATM cards with long nails seamlessly. This tool provides a significant amount of space where you can easily make a grip with your long nails and pull your ATM card from the ATM slot.

The tool is a card grabber, also known as “ATM card grabber for long nails,” or simply “Card grabber for long nails.” All you need to do is attach the ATM card grabber to your ATM card, and take your card out by pulling that card grabber.

7 Best ATM Card Grabbers for Long Nails in 2024 – Handpicked for You

I know now you can remove ATM cards with long nails with the help of a card grabber tool. But finding the right one in a short span of time is hard! Don’t worry; I have curated the 7 best ATM card grabbers for long nails to ease up your searching process.

remove atm card with long nails

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1. Cardbeenie Credit Card Grab Tabs

These Credit card grab tabs are a brilliant way to hold cards to use them. It won’t take time to get used to it. It might require bigger wallet space to accommodate cards along with the grab tabs, although it’s fairly convenient to use them. These ATM card grabbers for long nails are highly recommended and the most loved card grabbers on Amazon and come in a pack of 3, 5, 10, and 15.

Pros I found:

  • Waterproof.
  • Easy to use.

Cons I found:

  • Might need bigger cardholders.

Material: Unknown | Color: White | Style: Card Case Wallet | Brand: Cardbeenie

2. YAWJ Card Grabber Card Clips

One of the highly recommended and reviewed products on Amazon, this card clip for long nails comes in various color combinations with a cute pompom ball keychain. This ATM card grabber for long nails is made in a way that doesn’t carry extra weight or space. Probably this is why it is loved by most. They make great gifts considering the price point and color options to choose from as well.

Pros I found:

  • Lightweight & portable.
  • Attractive design.

Cons I found:

  • Not sturdy.

Material: Acrylic | Color: Aqua Blue | Style: Classic | Brand: YAWJ

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3. ZYTONGMAO Credit Card Grabber

Using this ATM card grabber for long nails has been a game changer. It comes with a rubber cover for a stronger grab, which also makes it blunt-edged and won’t get stuck to clothes. These card grabber keychains protect your nails from breaking and chipping. They come in a pack of three in different colors. The designs can be selected to match your handbags and sling bags for an added zing.

Pros I found:

  • Non-slipping.
  • Easy to carry and use.

Cons I found:

  • There’s none that I can count.

Material: Acrylic | Color: Multicolor | Style: Clip | Brand: ZYTONGMAO

4. JIUYEKEW Credit Card Grabber

These credit card grabbers for long nails are customizable if needed. You can choose your favorite color as there are 30 different colors and designs available in this product. Also, this card grabber for long nails comes with detachable pompom keychains! Well, you can also use the card grabber as it is. They look sleek and greatly attached to your wallets or handbags.

Pros I found:

  • Top-notch quality.
  • Various colors.

Cons I found:

  • Have to purchase in bulk.

Material: Acrylic | Color: Multicolor | Style: Keychain | Brand: JIUYEKEW

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5. YANGMEI Credit Card Puller

If you’re looking for a fashionable pick, this one’s for you. Including a card picker and keychain, it comes with a bracelet. You can choose to wear it as a bracelet or use it as a keychain as suitable. It comes in four different colors to choose from, and for the level of quality, the price is fairly justified. Also, it comes with a soft silicon grip to hold the cards.

Pros I found:

  • Premium quality.
  • Fashionable.

Cons I found:

  • Tends to break due to the bracelet.

Material: Acrylic | Color: Blue, Green, Pink, Purple | Style: Clip | Brand: YANGMEI

Pro Tip: Use the bracelet as it is, the keychain might get stuck here and there.

6. BATUMEYE Store Card Grabber Card

This is a personal favorite and probably the cutest card grabber for long nails on Amazon. Apart from pompom balls, they have heart-shaped pompoms as well. I have been using heart pompoms to add a touch to my handbags for years now. After facing issues in grabbing cards with long nails, I landed on this. No wonder this is the only card grabber for long nails I will ever love.

Pros I found:

  • Attractive and Popular choice.
  • Easy to use.

Cons I found:

  • There’s none.

Material: Silicone, Acrylic | Color: Multicolor | Style: Clip | Brand: BATUMEYE

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7. MQCHUN Credit Card Puller

These “Credit Card Pull Tabs” for long nails come with strong holders made of acrylic. There are various holders to choose from with powerful taglines. The holder size is quite compact and easy to use. With a detachable keychain, it fits well in your pocket as well. No more asking random people for help!

Pros I found:

  • Acrylic holder.
  • Multiple colors.

Cons I found:

  • Not sturdy.

No products found.

Material: Acrylic, Fur | Color: Multicolor | Style: Clip | Brand: MQCHUN

What to Look for in a Card Grabber for Long Nails?

Though you have now the list of the best card grabbers for long nails, you should also keep these points in mind before you shop for one.

remove atm card with long nails
  • Be it a credit/debit card clip for long nails, make sure you choose one that is easy to hold. Having a fair surface area to hold is important.
  • The card grabbers/pullers generally come up with rubber grips, although check for the same.
  • If carrying extra things is not a choice, try to buy card grabbers/pullers that are attached to a keychain.
  • If holding a card grabber for long nails is difficult, get a grabber with a bracelet. You can wear it during the time you are using it.
  • Buy packs/sets at a time. Aside from durability, it’s easier to lose these grabbers.
  • Card grabbers with larger clips would make a good choice. Larger clips can hold various other cards as well.
  • If you’re not used to carrying handbags everywhere you go, a card grabber for long nails with detachable keychain holders is a great choice.
  • Normally all the card grabbers for long nails come with stronger holders; make sure you buy holders of stronger quality that won’t lead to breakage if used roughly.
  • Long nails can be slippery sometimes; make sure the card grabber for long nails has a rough rather than smooth holder in case of slippery situations.

How to Remove ATM Cards With Long Nails? – FAQs

How to remove a stuck card from an ATM with long nails?

To be honest, it’s impossible with long nails to remove the stuck card from an atm without additional help. Long nails, especially stiletto-shaped nails, might face bigger issues. Using a card grabber/puller/clip/swiper or DIY Card Grabber (see below) will act as a good aid for removing cards stuck in the ATM. Or, you could ask for help from someone!

How to make a card grabber for long nails?

A DIY card puller for long nails can be made using alligator clips. Attaching or gluing alligator clips to cardboard or cardstock will make it easier to operate the same. Alligator clips have a strong grab considering the zigzag end of the clip. Besides, you can use a hair-sectioning clip to remove the card from ATM with long nails.

Final Thoughts

All in all, not only do credit card pull tabs/keychains help people with long nails to grab cards, but it also helps people with arthritis and limited mobility. The best part is that these card grabbers are lightweight inventions that won’t make you feel like you’re carrying something extra.

Especially having it as a keychain is much more convenient. Sometimes, you might have something slippery on your hands or fingers, it is also easier to protect the cards from spoiling. It’s amazing how such little inventions have multifold usage without having to be something complicated.

The idea of a card grabber for long nails is brilliant in itself utility-wise; you can even use it to put on AirPods with long nails. I think it catches everyone’s attention easily, considering a lot of people face the problem more frequently than you’d know. Hopefully, you won’t face it anymore as you now have the list to solve your issue.


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