How to Remove ATM cards with long nails?

Long nails no doubt enhance the beauty of our hands with distinct nail arts. But with long nails, certain activities become harder.

Long nails with beautiful nail paint or art on them make us feel more feminine. Maintaining long nails is a beautiful feeling. But with such a beautiful feeling, there are some issues we face with long nails daily. And removing the ATM card from the ATM’s ATM slot is one of the frustrating issues with long nails.

The reason is that, when the ATM card is inserted, it leaves very little space outward. And with long nails, you face the hardship to make a grip on the card and pull it out.

I personally witnessed that issue when a girl next to me in the ATM booth failed quite a few times to remove the ATM card herself until she seeks around for some help.

But I was confident to handle that activity with my long nails. [Spoiler alert, I know a trick 😉] Yeah, that is what I’m going to tell you next.

remove ATM cards with long nails

You won’t face this issue anymore. You can simply resolve such issues in the way I have discussed below.

How to remove ATM cards with long nails?

Here I’ve come up with a sophisticated solution, and with that, you can remove ATM cards with long nails seamlessly.

This is a simple tool named Credit Card Pull Tabs for Long Nails. With that tool, you can easily be able to remove your ATM cards from the ATM slot or any such cards with your long nails. All you just need to add this pull tab on your ATM card and that’s it.

Save your nails! Cardbeenie Credit Card Grab Tabs for Long Nails.
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