7 Tips to Beautify Your Natural Long Nails

“The happiest girls always have the prettiest nails.” ~ Tammy Taylor. Your nails can reveal a lot about you, from your fashion sense to your favorite hue. And I know without properly maintained nails, I can’t pretend that I’m perfectly dressed up.

Beautify Your Natural Long Nails

Keeping your nails healthy and in proper shape is neither easy nor that hard. I know you are looking for some home remedies to beautify your naturally long nails. In this post, I’m going to share my seven tips to beautify your natural long nails.

You cannot replace the natural beauty of well-maintained natural long nails with press-on nails or acrylics. So follow these tips to garnish your long natural nails without visiting a nail salon.

1. Maintain the Strength of Your Long Nails

Many of us grow long nails, but they don’t last long. Primarily because of the brittle nails. If you are more exposed to soaps and detergents or often stay in an air-conditioned room for a long time, your long nails can be brittle.

Your priority is to make your nails strong if you want to beautify your nails. So stop using such soaps or detergents with direct contact. Instead, you can wear a pair of gloves and complete that cleaning task.

Beautify Your Natural Long Nails

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These gloves from OriStout are disposal and my favorite. These gloves are well crafted with thick textures that do not rip easily with long nails. For any type of household work, I recommend these gloves.

Also, to defeat brittle nails problem, start moisturizing your nails daily. One easy way you can create a homemade moisturizer for your nails is by adding one pinch of salt into a bowl half full of coconut oil. Coconut oils are great for making your nails strong, plus they will promote the growth of your nails.

Beautify Your Natural Long Nails

Just soak your fingers in that bowl daily for 30 minutes and you will start seeing the magic in two weeks. It will make your nails more robust, and your nails won’t break so easily.

2. Maintain a Favorable Nail Length

Most girls don’t care about the growth of their nails. So they kept them growing without concern and realized their nails were too long when they broke one of them.

Beautify Your Natural Long Nails

I would say, don’t let your nails exceed the length which can be trouble for you as well as risky for your nails. Instead, find the perfect length for your nails and maintain that length.

Over time you’ll get used to that particular length of your nails, and you’ll thus become habituated to doing all of your routine work with those long nails, and they will be less likely to break.

3. Never Use Your Long Nails as a Tool

The most notable thing is that your long nails are glorious enough to intensify the beauty of your hands. You can do nail art and designs to make them look even more aesthetic. But your long nails aren’t meant to be used as a tool.

Using your long nails as a tool, such as opening a lid, picking up coins from the rough floor, peeling stuff, etc., can worsen the loveliness of your long nails.

Beautify Your Natural Long Nails

Instead, you can use the tools specified for those particular tasks, for example, use a can opener for opening a can; or a card grabber for removing your credit card; by doing that, you can maintain the beauty of your long nails.

Remember to treat your long nails as newborn babies always!

4. Keep Your Long Nails Clean

The cleanest long nails define the truest charm of long nails. No one likes unattractive nails. Such nails are unpleasant. And long nails have more tendency to become unappealing.

To beautify your natural long nails, you should routinely work on your long nails to keep them always clean. Follow these simple nail cleaning routines for regular cleaning of your long nails.

Beautify Your Natural Long Nails
  • Take a bowl half-full of warm water. Add lemon, lime, or orange juice and mix that mixture properly. Now soak your hands in that mixture for 10 to 15 minutes. Do this at least one time each day. That’s how you can maintain the beauty of your natural long nails regularly.
  • You can keep a toothbrush and use it to brush up underneath your long nails every time you wash your hands. By doing this, you can keep the underneath of your nails clean.
  • You can use toothpaste to brush your nails regularly if your nails are yellowish. And this is how you’ll get fabulous white nails as a pearl in a few days.

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5. Omit Any Destructive Habits

To beautify your natural long nails, the first step is to omit any destructive habits that you have. For example, never scrape on anything with your long nails. If you scrape with your long nails, it will sabotage the beauty of your long nails. Get off this habit.

Also, never bite your nails. People tend to bite their nails under stress or nervousness. Biting nails can make the nail tips ragged and unpleasant. Biting nails can also be a health factor as germs on your nails go into your mouth.

Beautify Your Natural Long Nails

If you have any such destructive habit that can damage the loveliness of your long nails, then omit it as soon as possible to keep your natural long nails in proper condition.

6. Limit Using Too Many Cosmetics

Do you know natural nails are also elegant? Yes, it means you don’t always need to put nail paints on your nails.

Using nail paint for too long a time can cause the nail color to change to yellowish. As a result, your nails will look yellowish when you remove the nail polish. Therefore it’s a best practice to apply a base coat before you start painting your nails.

Beautify Your Natural Long Nails

Also, frequent use of nail polish remover can eliminate the natural shiny color of your long nails, and eventually, your nails will also become dry. Dry nails are more likely to break easily in a minor hit.

In this case, always use an acetone-free nail polish remover. To beautify your natural long nails, you should also keep in mind to limit using many cosmetics on your nails.

7. Make a Nail Nourishment Plan

To beautify your natural long nails, your diet plays an important role. For better nail health and stronger nails and to beautify your natural long nails, start taking biotin. Biotin (B-complex vitamin) is also known as vitamin B7, coenzyme R, and Vitamin H.

Beautify Your Natural Long Nails

Make a list of food items based on the availability of your area that includes these items in it. The most common food items containing biotin are egg yolk, yeast, avocado, nuts, seeds, cauliflower, and salmon.

Biotin consumption through food or supplement may help you to get rid of brittle nails and improve the growth of your nails.

Wrapping up:

You care for your hair and give time to it. You care for your skin and give time to it. In the same way, to beautify your natural long nails, you have to give time to your nails. Beautiful nails don’t come as a gift. You have to spend a little time with them daily.

To me, long beautiful natural nails are the glory of a woman. It amplifies us to be more feminine. So, caring for them is in no way going to waste. Follow those tips I have shared to “beautify your natural long nails” in your preferable way and enjoy the presence of your beautiful long nails every moment.


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