How to Take Care of Acrylic Nails? – Discover 11 Pro Tips

So you just got that fabulous set of acrylic nails you’ve always wanted. It’s shiny, pretty, and everything you would want on your fingers. You really wish this set lasts longer so that you can enjoy seeing it and showing it off.

How to Take Care of Acrylic Nails

But as we know, wishing without working never worked for anything. If you are searching for how to take care of acrylic nails, you are in the right post. In this post, I have shared 11 professional tips, and by following them, you can ensure better health for your beautiful acrylic nails.

How to Take Care of Acrylic Nails?

Acrylic nails are popular because they last longer than any type of manicure, but that doesn’t mean they won’t require some attention on your part.

To make it last longer and avoid any health complications, it is essential to devote some much-needed time to nail care. Here are 11 tips that you can take note of to maintain acrylic nails like a pro!

How to Take Care of Acrylic Nails

1. Judge the Nail Length by Your Lifestyle

As sad as it may be, we do need to earn our livelihood, and you can’t have Dracula nails if you are getting your daily jobs done primarily by your hands. All of us know that extremely long nails may be a problem for many of us.

For example, if you are a chef, keyboard player, construction worker, or even a homemaker, long nails may come in the way of your daily jobs.

Hence, it is very important to choose your nail size according to your profession. That’s the first step in ensuring the health of your acrylic nails.

Don’t worry, if your profession restricts you to keeping long nails, there are tonnes of fabulous and creative designs that can be done on short and medium nails, about 5 to 7 mm past your fingertip.

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2. Be Gentle on Your Nails

Protect acrylic nails with some gentle aftercare. Your acrylics are attached to your natural nails. Therefore, you cannot use your nails to open lids, tear strong packaging, etc.

This is something that cannot be taken lightly, as a broken or lifted acrylic nail may lift along with your natural nail, and you can just imagine the kind of pain it can cause.

Moreover, not only physical impact but daily kitchen chemicals have the potential to damage acrylics, therefore, it is advised that you wear gloves while doing activities like showering or kitchen work to protect acrylic nails from potential damage.

3. Keep Your Nails Soft and Flexible

Acrylic nails tend to get stiff and rigid with time. Hence, it is a good practice to keep your nails flexible and soft with regular application of cuticle oil on your nails and cuticles.
This will prevent moisture loss and keep your nails from untimely breakage.

4. Limit Water Exposure

To take care of your nails after acrylic, it is important to limit the amount of water that comes in contact with your nails. Although it is not entirely possible to keep your nails dry all the time, you can use gloves while doing chores like washing dishes and clothes.

After washing hairs or bathing, dry them off completely to prevent bacterial infection. Also, too much water may cause your acrylic substance to come undone.

5. Ask for a Thin Layer of Acrylic

This one can be a game-changer. Thick acrylic layers often feel heavy on the hands and can be a task to maintain.

Thin acrylic layers look real, feel natural, and can be maintained easily. Therefore, the next time you get a set of acrylics, ask for a thin layer.

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6. Top Coat Seals the Deal

Although widely argued, a top coat indeed provides a protective layer on your acrylic nails. Hence, it is always advisable to finish your manicure with a top coat. After a top coat is applied, air dry it if it is a regular topcoat. Make a habit of applying a top coat every week.

UV-activated top coats are more common in acrylic nail manicures as they seal your acrylic in and add the kind of finish you wish for – matte or glossy! Also, it protects the polish from chipping and acts as a waterproof layer to prevent water damage.

7. Maintain Nail Hygiene

Getting a nasty nail infection after getting acrylics is more common than you think. Fortunately, it is very simple to avoid such a situation.

Dip a cotton swab in an antibacterial liquid or alcohol and gently rub it under your acrylics before bedtime.

This will minimize and eliminate any chances of getting nail infections. Hand sanitizers also work pretty well, provided they do not have acetone. Also, use clean nail tools every time you use them on your nails. Sanitized tools reduce the chances of infection.

8. Acetone is a Big no-no

Now that you have your perfect nails, you might want to paint them all the colors of the rainbow but make sure you use an acetone-free nail polish remover every time you wish to remove your old nail paint.

This is important to ensure the longevity and aesthetics of your acrylic nail. Acetone reacts with acrylics and can leave unsightly pits on your nails.

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9. Don’t Bite Your Nails

Yeah, this might seem too obvious, but the nail-biters know it’s a serious problem. Stop biting your nails if you have that habit. You cannot afford to do that with your fabulous acrylics.

If you’re stressed, do yoga instead.

10. If Your Acrylic Nail Chips

This is not the time to use your creativity. Do not attempt any kind of DIY if you have a chipped or broken acrylic nail. It would be smart to just go to your nail technician, who would know exactly what to do.

Do not try to fix your nail with nail glue as it may not be water resistant and may also increase the chances of nail infection.

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11. Get a Regular Nail Touch up

Your natural nails keep growing, and it needs maintenance and trimming. Every 2-3 weeks, go to your nail salon and get your acrylics retouched. This will ensure long-term beautiful nails.

Nail technicians are like hairdressers. It is best if you have a trusted nail technician who knows your needs and nail type. Also, visiting a single nail salon ensures consistency of results.

Final Takeaway

After reading all this, you may be reconsidering your decision to get acrylics, but it is more manageable than you think. Just a bit of care and hygiene can ensure a beautiful hand and healthy nails.

Also, let your natural nails breathe once in a while. If you have removed your acrylics, wait at least a week to get another manicure done. Get glowing!


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