What Are NexGen Nails? Why Should You Choose NexGen?

As the name suggests, “NexGen” is an abbreviation of Next Generation and NexGen nails simply portray futuristic nails. Exciting, isn’t it? NexGen nails claim more strength, beauty, and longevity, all fused into one!

NexGen Nails

True manicure enthusiasts know how it feels after spending a bunch of money on a brand-new manicure and then breaking a nail. It feels like the end of the world, doesn’t it? Fret not, with NexGen manicure you can enjoy a long-lasting manicure.

But what exactly are NexGen nails? How are NexGen nails different from your usual gel or acrylic nails? This article will combine all the knowledge from the depths of the manicure world to help you get the perfect set of beautiful nails! 

What Are NexGen Nails? 

You must have seen those clips of nails getting dipped in small pots full of sparkly or matte powders. NexGen is a very popular brand of dipping powders and NexGen nails are simply dip powder nails like SNS nails.

What are NexGen Nails

Of course, there are other brands too, but NexGen is like the Gucci of dip powders. If you opt for a NexGen manicure, you will have your nails prepped first. Then, the false nail tips will be glued to your nail tips and cut and filed to your desired length.

Now that the tips are glued, they will be buffed down to get an even surface for powder application. Next, a base coat will be applied, and then comes the fun part! Your nails will be dipped in the NexGen dip powders.

After brushing off the loose powder, a gel top coat will be applied and sealed under a UV lamp. That’s all! You can choose the dip color and nail shape and use a plethora of designs and ornaments to jazz up your manicure. 

NexGen nails are a healthier option for your nails as they do not damage your nail bed by over-buffing. You can do it without the tips, just on your natural nails, if you prefer your natural nail length. 

NexGen Nails Pros and Cons

You already have known a lot about NexGen nails and the most interesting feature is that they are strong and durable. But they do have certain cons. Therefore, here is a list of the pros and cons of NexGen nails so that you can make an informed decision for your next manicure. 

NexGen Nails Pros:

  • Firstly, they are as natural as it gets. It won’t feel like carrying a boulder at your fingertips. 
  • They do not get damaged by water. No more excuses for not doing chores! 
  • They are surprisingly strong! Gone are the days of chipped and broken nails. 
  • The brand NexGen fortifies its dip powders with calcium and vitamins. What more? Beautiful fingers and naturally strong nails! 

NexGen Nails Cons:

  • It is difficult to change the style once the NexGen powders are applied.
  • Taking it off at home can be a task. Since they promise a whole three weeks of manicure, you should go and remove it from the salon. 
  • NexGen nails might lift if not applied correctly.
  • They can be on the pricier side. 

Acrylic vs. NexGen, Which One Is Better?

NexGen nails are definitely healthier than acrylic nails as they cause less damage to the nail beds. Moreover, it lasts longer and is shinier. NexGen manicure is also safer, as there are fewer reports of broken nail beds and yeast infections. 

The main issue with acrylics is the presence of toluene, a toxic chemical that can cause irritation and infection, as it is usually used as nail glue. Needless to say, NexGen stands out to be the better option for a healthier manicure.

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Gel Nails vs. NexGen Nails

Gel nails are applied like your usual nail polish, while NexGen nails are dipped in the powder. Gel nails have to be cured under a UV lamp, while dip nails have an activator top coat that can be air cured.

Gel manicures, one of the long-lasting manicure choices, do not last as long as NexGen nails. NexGen nails can last as long as five weeks, while gel manicures last three weeks.

NexGen nails are more difficult to remove than gel nails. Gel manicures cost less than NexGen nails. 

How To Remove NexGen Nails at Home?

NexGen nails have a buildup of powders and activators and, as a result, become thick and take longer to remove than your regular polish.

NexGen Nails

Here are a few quick tips to help you remove them at home.

  • The first step is to buff the shine off of the nails. Use a nail buffer, and take your time to remove the top coat carefully.
  • Next, soak a cotton pad in acetone or nail polish remover and place it on each fingernail. 
  • Wrap the cotton pad up with your fingernail using the foil to keep it in place. 
  • Let it do its work for 15-30 minutes. 
  • Remove carefully. 

NexGen Nails Prices 

NexGen nails can range from $30-$60, according to the salons and nail designs. Since NexGen nails last longer than most kinds of manicures, the slightly higher price is worth it.

You can also get a NexGen nail fill if you think you do not need another whole set of NexGen nails. A fill may cost from $37-$40, depending on the service asked for. 

Now that you have a detailed idea of what NexGen nails are and if they are suitable for you, you can try them out in your nearest salon. Keep experimenting, lovelies! 

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NexGen Nails – FAQs

How long do NexGen nails last?

If NexGen nails are properly applied and maintained, they can last anywhere from 4-5 weeks. They last pretty long compared to your usual manicure.

Is NexGen the same as dip powder? 

NexGen is a brand of dip powders. There are a variety of brands that sell dip powders. NexGen is a very popular one among them.

Is NexGen better than acrylic?

NexGen nails are a healthier and better option. Not only do NexGen nails last as long as acrylics (sometimes even longer), but it also saves your nails from being over-filed and damaged.


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