What Are SNS Nails? Pros and Cons of SNS Nails

If you are a manicure enthusiast who loves to follow and adopt new manicure trends and is aware of what’s happening in the manicure world, then you might have heard of SNS nails which took over the manicure world by storm.

What are SNS nails

SNS nails, a type of dip powder nails, are an odorless, fast, and healthier process to make your nails look stunning; in fact, they last you longer than traditional manicure methods. And all of these reasons are enough to make us more curious to discover everything about SNS nails.

If you are planning to get your next manicure done with SNS nails, and if you want to educate yourself properly regarding SNS nails, then you are in the right post. I’m sure after reading this post, you will get a good understanding of SNS nails.

What Are SNS Nails?

SNS nails, also known as Signature Nail System, is a market-leading brand of dip powder. Practically, SNS nails, a dip powder manicure, is done using the SNS product (dip powder) and a Gelous base that forms a strong binding on your nails.

The SNS nails procedure begins with filing your nails and then gluing tips (if required) to your natural nails. The polish is then applied first, followed by dipping the nail into the colored powder and polishing it again.

According to me, and other manicurists, the process is much easier and faster than a traditional manicure. In comparison to other nail extensions, SNS nails are less messy and more robust.

SNS nails work wonderfully for anybody who wants a long-lasting manicure without using gel. And if you’re sensitive to chemical scents or have skin allergies, you’ll undoubtedly adore this approach.

SNS is available in many other vibrant colors, including white and pink, and this is making them now the go-to alternatives for those who want more color possibilities, fewer chemicals, and no overpowering odors.

What Are SNS Nails Made Of?

The SNS nails are made of Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), Acrylic Ester Polymer, and Benzoyl Peroxide (C₁₄H₁₀O₄). However, the SNS essentially combines the system that relies on two other essential elements – Cyanoacrylate (super glue/crazy glue) and Acrylic powder (Acrylates copolymer). Instead of wearing down your nails, they aim to extend and strengthen them.

Pros of SNS Nails

Now that you know about SNS nails and their composition, let’s take a look at the pros of SNS nails that make SNS nails stand out and popular in the manicure world.

  • Durability: If applied correctly, dip powder or SNS nails can last for up to four weeks or until you decide to remove them on your own.
  • Odorless: SNS Nails are odorless, in contrast to other gel polishes that stink like a chemical factory and acrylic nail monomer.
  • Non-toxic and enriched with vitamins: The MMA-free formula is long-lasting, cruelty-free, or non-toxic. Vitamins A, E, B5, D, and calcium are included in SNS nail products to help strengthen your natural nails during application.
  • No need for UV/LED: SNS nail or dip powder nails, unlike other gel formulas, do not require UV/LED lamps to cure.
  • Not a messy manicure: It is nearly hard to smear or screw up because each stage just takes a few seconds for the powder to dry completely.
  • Extra length: You can also add extra length to your SNS manicure by using fake nail tips and following the manicure procedure.
  • Easy to learn: Last but not least, SNS manicures don’t require much expertise, unlike gel manicures. With gel, you have to maintain your coatings, but not for SNS nails.

Cons of SNS Nails

SNS nails are more expensive than traditional gel or acrylic nails, and also there are a few negatives to consider. Let’s have a look at them!

  • Unreal appearance: First and foremost, nails may appear bigger, faker, and more plastic than usual. Also, it is more effective on stronger nails.
  • It takes time to get: The SNS nail manicure method is time-consuming and should not be rushed.
  • It takes time to remove: Attempting to remove SNS nails or dip powder nails might be a real disaster. Also, using acetone while having your nails removed might make them worse as you have to keep your nails on acetone for a longer time.
  • Expensive: As “SNS nails” is a luxury brand of dip powder and becoming popular, cost differences are expected to be transient.

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How to Do SNS Nails? Step-by-Step Guide

So far, you have learned a lot about SNS nails, including the pros and cons of SNS Nails. You might be wondering about trying it out. Well, if you are planning to do SNS nails at home, I have outlined the proper step-by-step guide to get salon-quality SNS nails without any hassle!

You may already have some of these tools if you routinely give yourself manicures at home. However, the following tools and products will require to complete the process.

  • SNS Nails Gelous base or Natural set sheer.
  • SNS Nails sealer dry.
  • Gel Top SNS Super Shine.
  • Gelous Color powder.
  • Cuticle pusher.
  • SNS Vitamin Oil or Cuticle oil.
  • Nail file or Electric Nail Buffer.
  • Dusting brush.
What are SNS nails

Now let’s proceed to the step-by-step process to do SNS Nails at home

  • First, use a cuticle pusher to push back your cuticles, and then start sanding down your nails using a nail buffer or an e-filer.
  • Using an alcohol wipe strip, remove the dust.
  • Start by gluing faux nails together.
  • Apply adhesive and a tip (if you want) by using a nail brush, then trim the artificial nails to the appropriate length.
  • Using a nail buffer, file the sides and buff the nails.
  • Apply a natural set of sheer and Gelous nail bases on the nails.
  • Then, dip your nails in SNS powder and wipe away any excess powder.
  • After that, apply another Gelous base and dip the nails in dip powder.
  • Repeat the process 2-3 times, then seal it with a dry sealant.
  • Next, file the nails with sides to give them a smooth finish.
  • Finally, repaint your nails with the Gelous base color powder coating.
  • Now it’s time to paint your nails by dipping them in color powder.
  • Brush off any excess and repeat.
  • To give your nails an extra flawless finish, use a Gel base and natural set sheer.
  • Last but not least, after finishing the procedure, apply SNS vitamin oil or cuticle oil to the cuticle to prevent any dryness.

How Much Do SNS Nails Cost?

If you want to get your SNS nails done by a nail salon, it can cost between $35 and $80. The prices may vary depending on the type of salon, its location, and the expertise level of the nail technician.

And if you want to do it at home, you can buy the tools and products required for SNS nails from the above list I have mentioned. This way, you can save a few bucks and time, and also, by following the process mentioned, you can achieve a stunning SNS manicure.

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How Long Do SNS Nails Last?

Firstly, it depends on the growth of your natural nails. Secondly, it depends on the quality of services the salon gives to you. The good part is SNS nails are more water-resistance than other methods and tend to last longer.

However, for the record, the SNS Nails will last you between 4-5 weeks if you are getting the services from a reputed salon. SNS nails often last twice as long as gel nails.

How to Make SNS Nails Last Longer?

If you want your SNS nails or dipping powder manicure to remain longer, you have to be extra careful before starting the procedure as well as after getting them done. Here are how you can ensure a better life for your SNS manicure.

What are SNS nails
  • Before you start the manicure process, make sure your nails are clean and dry. The cuticles should be pulled back with an orange stick or a cuticle pusher.
  • Before applying any polish, you should clean your nails to remove any oil or dust that may be on them because this can cause your nails to lift or chip. To avoid such issues, dry them with rubbing alcohol.
  • Nails should be neatly buffed before the application because they need to be smooth. And avoid extra buffering your nails as it may worsen your natural nails.
  • If you don’t want your nails to start peeling off after a few days, take extra safeguards when applying the coat and give it enough time to dry.
  • You should reapply the top coat every few days to maintain the shiny appearance of your SNS nails.
  • Apply protein-rich moisturizer or cuticle oil for a couple of minutes every single day around the cuticle areas along with your nails.
  • When performing housework or gardening, wear rubber gloves to keep water from damaging your nails.

SNS Nails – FAQs

Can you file SNS nails to make them shorter?

You can safely trim your nail tips at home. For that, you will need an acrylic nail clipper to trim them shorter and then a fine-grit file to file your SNS nails smoother.

Can SNS nails be long?

Yes, SNS nails can be long. Before getting the SNS manicure, ensure the length you want by using a false nail tip. Once the length is set, you can start the manicure process.

Are SNS nails better than acrylic?

SNS nails are less harsh on your natural nails than acrylics, and since they don’t require special UV lighting to cure like gel manicures, they may even be better for your skin. Furthermore, the powder also contains substances that nourish the nails. SNS nails also last longer and are more robust than acrylic ones.

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Wrapping up:

With SNS dipping powders, you can figuratively experiment with hundreds of different combinations and styles. By this point, I can safely assume that you are now familiar with the benefits of getting SNS nails.

Based on feedback from manicure enthusiasts and my experience with SNS nails, I strongly advise you to give SNS nails a try at least once. Also, the effects will endure longer than traditional manicures.


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