What are Solar Nails? How to Put On Solar Nails?

Hello, beautiful nail art lover. Are you planning to do solar nails? But don’t know about it properly? Don’t worry; in this post, you will get every piece of information regarding solar nails, along with their pros and cons.

You might have heard much about “solar nails” from your nail technician, friends, or word of mouth.

And indeed, in that case, you might be wondering what it is to get solar nails and how they stand out differently than other nail materials!

After reading this post, you’ll know what solar nails are and how to put them at home the best way. Hence, all your doubts and queries about solar nails are about to finish!

What are Solar Nails?

Solar nails are a kind of acrylic nails. The only difference between solar nails and typical acrylic nails is solar nails are a brand. CND, aka Creative Nail Design, is the company that exclusively manufactures these nails.

Solar nails are pink and white. So you can easily spot solar nails by their notable appearance. Solar nails glance closer to fine-tune French manicured nails, but they don’t look as natural as french nails.

solar nails

When you apply solar nails, they will get ten times thicker than your natural nails. You can keep any length of your solar nails based on your preference. As stated by CND, solar nails are much better than your casual acrylic nails in terms of durability and premium look.

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Advantages of Solar Nails

  1. Solar nails can last up to 3 to 4 weeks when you get them done by a professional nail technician.
  2. Solar nails are strong and do not break easily with light pressure. So if you get solar nails done, you can make yourself stress-free from breaking your nails.
  3. As solar nails aren’t extensions, they don’t harm your natural nails. Instead, solar nails act as a protection layer for your natural fingernails.
  4. Solar nails don’t require putting your hands in a UV lamp for 10 to 15 minutes to get them done. They are air-dry. So here you are, saving yourself from exposure to ultraviolet rays.
  5. Solar nails offer the most refined nail finish. As a result, solar nails can be best for celebrations, weddings, birthday ceremonies, or any other special occasion.
  6. You can easily refill your solar nails. You don’t need to reapply them again. In that scenario, getting solar nails over other acrylic nails is a great advantage.

Some Disadvantages of Solar Nails

  1. You are limited to doing various nail designs and colors on solar nails.
  2. Solar nails don’t glance that natural. One can easily detect that they are acrylic nails.
  3. The process of getting solar nails done requires a lot of time.
  4. Solar nails or other acrylic nails emit chemical fumes, which are bad for the environment.
  5. And Solar nails are costlier than any other unbranded acrylic nails.
  6. Applying solar nails can impose sediment.

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How to Put on Solar Nails?

It can be challenging to manage if you want to put solar nails on your own. You can call your friend, or instead, you can visit a nail salon.

The process of putting on solar nails is straightforward.

Follow these steps to do it yourself.

solar nails

Things you will require to put solar nails.

  • Solar Nail Powders and Liquid
  • Applying Brush
  • Fake Plastic Nails
  • Nail Drill Machine
  • Nail-tip Clipper
  • Nail Smile Line Trimmer

Step – 1: Wash your hands and groom your nails. Use a nail drill machine to make the nail plates a bit rough.

Step – 2: Add those plastic nails to your nail tips. Priorities to make them straight. Now set the length by chopping off the fake nails with a nail tip clipper.

Step – 3: Apply the solar white and pink acrylic powder with the nail brush. Put the white powder from the tip of your nails onto your nail plate. Next, use the nail smile line trimmer to make a smiley break at your desired length. Now put the pink nail powder with the nail brush to the rest of your nail paint.

Step – 4: Use the nail drill machine to give them your desired edges and shapes and a fine-tune finishing.

Step – 5: Apply a quick dry transparent nail color to make your solar nails look glossy.

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How Long do Solar Nails Last?

The most frequently asked question about solar nails is how long do solar nails last? Solar nails have better durability as they are strong and branded. Therefore, they usually last up to four weeks before they need infills.

solar nails

As your natural nails start to grow over time, you will see your solar nails are parting from the cuticles. In that time, you are good to refill them or take them off and get them again freshly.

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How to Take off Solar Nails?

You can take off your solar nails best by soaking your hands in a bowl containing acetone.

Here you need to soak your hands for a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes to make them exposed to the impact of acetone.

How to take off solar nails

After that period, take a cotton wool ball and wet it by soaking it in acetone. Rub your nails gently with the wool ball, and your solar nails will quickly come off.

As acetone is terrible for nails, you will experience weaker nails after taking off your solar nails by this process. But you don’t need to worry about it. Instead, take care of your natural nails by nourishing them with clear nail paint and moisturizing them regularly for a few days. You’ll get back your natural shiny, strong nails in a few days.

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Solar Full Set Nails

Solar nails consist of

  • Fake plastic nail extensions,
  • Nail glue to put plastic nail extensions to your nail tips.
  • Powder (pink and white) and liquid formula, especially for solar nails.

Other accessories that require to finish up the process are,

  • Nail drill machine
  • Nail-tip clipper.
  • Nail smile line trimmer
  • Nail color for the finishing touch.
  • Applying brush

Wrapping up:

Solar nails will be the best choice if you want to try something alternative to gel nails as they don’t harm your natural nails the way gel nails do in the process of getting them done.

Solar nails are more premium in quality than other acrylic nails out there. Like Gucci is a premium clothing brand, so are solar nails on acrylic.

But if you want to save some bucks on your manicure, you can walk away from solar nails. As solar nails is a brand, nail salons will charge you more than they do for regular acrylic nails.


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