Can You do Pottery with Long Nails?

Pottery is really fun and I personally love it doing. I’m not a professional pottery artist. But I did some pottery work as part of my school project. 

And since then I know how it feels like making beautiful functional things by myself. Surely I will say, it brings the childhood vibe whenever I do it. 

But loving pottery and long nails equally at the same feel like a great issue.

If you are the one like me, who loves long nails and wanted to do pottery, then this article is going to be really beneficial for you. 

So, here’s the thing, can you do pottery with long nails?

Can You do Pottery with Long Nails?

Pottery is an art and it requires your hands and fingers primarily to use.

Long nails can be havoc doing pottery.

can you do pottery with long nails

But if you are having long nails, or acrylic nails for a long time, I’m quite sure you know how to deal with them to perform all your daily difficult works such as opening a soda can, typing with long nails, etc without breaking them. 

So, pottery won’t be that hard for you to get used to it with long nails anymore. 

To answer this query, Can You do Pottery with Long Nails?, I’d say, yes you can do pottery with long nails. You don’t have to cut your beautiful long nails just for pottery work. 

Here I’ll tell you 5 practical tips on how to do pottery with long nails? 

How to Do Pottery With Long Nails?

Practice can make everything easier. Here are 5 tips that I take advantage of whenever I do pottery with long nails. 

Now while doing pottery, follow these tips mentioned below.

Use rubber gloves while doing pottery

The best option is to use thin rubber gloves while doing pottery. Avoid cotton gloves. It will be a bit hard for you to feel the clay with cotton gloves. Plus, they are not that favorable with clay to work with. 

Most pottery artists even without long nails use gloves while pottering. If you are thinking about which gloves should you get, then I’d recommend Peipu’s Nitrile and Vinyl gloves.

can you do pottery with long nails

These gloves are disposal and very thin that you won’t even feel you are wearing gloves. This will make your pottery job quite effortless with long nails. 

If you are going to do pottery for a long time with gloves, your hands may dry out during the process. So, before you wear the gloves, don’t forget to moisturize your hands. It’s the best practice for your hands and nails. 

Before buying gloves, make sure they are in the right size for your hands. As you have long nails, tiny and tight gloves may get torn apart by your long nails. 

Likewise, too loose and big-sized gloves will not fit your hands and will affect the real purpose of wearing gloves. 

Even if the gloves are perfectly fitting with your hands, make sure you don’t push your fingertips too hard to the edge. Keep a considerable free space for your long nails in your gloves.

Use knuckles to prepare the clay

Clay is the only important material that you require to craft beautiful functional things. But the clay needs to be prepared before throwing it into the wheel machine. 

With long nails, it’d be hard for you to prepare the clay. But here you can use the knuckles of all of your fingers to prepare the clay.

can you do pottery with long nails

By using your knuckles, the advantage is your long nails are staying hidden from direct contact with the clay. This means they are not creating an obstacle in the process of preparing the clay. 

Even you will see, that most potter artists without long nails feel more comfortable using their knuckles to prepare the clay rather than using their fingertips. 

With fingertips, you will have very less amount of area to press on the clay but with knuckles, you can see that you will have a decent amount of area that you can use to press on the clay. This will also speed up the clay preparing process. 

You just have to get used to it. Once you are on it, you won’t be able to notice any hardship or discomfort while preparing the clay by using your knuckles. 

Use a sponge to shape the clay

The next thing is, that you can use a sponge to protect your nails and the clay from each other while shaping the clay in the wheel machine. 

can you do pottery with long nails

It may be hard if you are doing it for the first time. But you can adopt this skill too along with consistent practice. 

To make the sponge ready for this purpose, sock it in the water for a couple of minutes until it becomes soft. Then squash it up to remove the excess water.

Based on your preference you can use the sponge to shape the clay. You can use your other hand to gently cover up the clay in the running wheel while giving the desired shape to that clay.

Use your finger pads to shape the clay

To shape the clay on the running wheel, you can also use your finger pads. Just make sure your nails are not touching the clay.

Even if a small accidental touch on the clay by your nails can give it an unappealing mark of line. So be very careful while shaping the clay with your hands when you have long nails.

can you do pottery with long nails

You can try to expand your fingers slightly upward so that you can put adequate pressure on the clay with your finger pads to shape it.

Quick Question: Can You do Pottery with Long Nails if your Nails are Super Sharp?

If your long nails are sharp, like, stiletto nails or the shape of your nails is square, coffin, or squoval, then accidental damage on the clay while designing it is on top. 

I’d recommend getting a round or oval shape for your nails before doing a pottery job with long nails. With round nails, accidental damage on the clay by your nails is relatively very less than having long nails with sharp edges. 

Use your knuckles and stick to design the clay

can you do pottery with long nails

The final part of your pottery job is the design. Well, to design the clay, you would be required to remove some excessive amount of mold from some part of it. 

You can use your knuckles in this scenario to remove the excess mold. This thing requires a lot of practice. But that’s not impossible anyway.

If you are wearing any ring, you must take it off.

While doing fine designing, you can use a tiny stick that matches the required thickness. Or you can choose among to collect your desired one. There’s no big deal.

Some disadvantages of doing pottery with long nails. 

Here are two things to consider. Question yourself these two whenever you are going to do pottery with long nails.

  1. Do you want to keep your long nails safe from any damage while pottery? or,
  2. Your prime attention is to make the pottery safe from your long nails?

The above information was about how to do pottery with long nails. But we didn’t talk anything about the consequences that may happen to your beautiful shiny natural long nails while doing pottery. 

If you do pottery with long nails without gloves wearing on your hands, chances are there that your long nails will become unattractive and the shiny beautiful look of your natural long nails that catches the eyes of everyone will fade away.

You may end up with some nasty scrape marks on your nails which will make your nails look awful. 

The pink beautiful color of your natural nails may replace with an unpleasure color due to the clay you will touch.

How to take care of your long nails while doing pottery?

It is really important for taking a moment and list out all the possible adverse impacts that may happen to your long natural nails while doing pottery. 

Long nails are prone to breaking. Your nails will get wet and stay wet while doing pottery. As a result, your long nails will be very fragile. Hence your long nails can be broken very easily with a simple hit on them. 

You have to be very very careful about your nails and always try to keep them away from direct contact with every possible thing. This is how you can secure your long nails from breaking a step ahead. 

Paint your long natural nails with multiple coats of nail polish. This will conceivably strengthen your long nails and on the plus side, you will not going to lose the attractive natural and shiny look of your long nails due to the continued contact of the clay.  

can you do pottery with long nails

The clay may be trapped underneath your long nails. So after the process, make sure to gently wash your long nails with a soft brush to clean the underneath. 

Do not use any hard materials to clean the clay from the underneath of your nails. A no-longer-in-use toothbrush will work completely fine to clean the underneath of your nails. 

After washing your hands and nails, apply some thick moisturizer. If you have cuticle oils, apply them to your nails.

It would be best if you follow the process before a goodnight’s sleep. Put your hands on spa gloves and let them in this state for the night. 

Wrapping up:

Now you have got a clear insight into your query, “Can you do pottery with long nails?

I’ve interacted with many girls and women who prefer to cut their long nails when they see themselves in a difficult situation with long nails. 

But if you love long nails truly, you will come up with a solution to maintain long nails even if your job is challenging with long nails. 

Long nails are the glory of a woman. Not because they look good, but because they can make you feel better. Long nails make your hands glance so beautiful and feminine. 

So giving up on them is always not a better option until you find a way to manage a particular task with long nails. 

I hope this article will help you to do pottery with long nails or long acrylic nails. So follow these tips and do great pottery with long nails confidently. 

Must share your pottery experience with long nails in the comment below. 

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