Is It Bad to Wear Nail Polish All the Time?

Undoubtedly, nail polish is the best buddy for a manicure enthusiast like me. From trying new nail art trends to simple aesthetic touches to my nails, the blessing of nail polishes can’t be undenied.

Is It Bad to Wear Nail Polish All the Time

But there’s a saying, “Too much of anything is bad unless it’s God’s Love.” Well, does that also apply to nail polishes? Is it bad to wear Nail Polish all the time? What are the conditions? If you are just browsing this query to get satisfactory answers, don’t worry, I am here to guide you through all your head-scratching questions.

Heads-up! Wearing nail polish, although it makes our hands look attractive, can be bad for our nails. Now you might be thinking, what harm could nail polishes do that provide such a beautiful hue and glaze to your nails? Okay, let’s learn about these in detail.

Is It Bad to Wear Nail Polish All the Time?

It depends on the nail polish you are wearing. The short answer to this question is, yes, it is bad to wear nail polish all the time if your nail polish consists of harsh chemicals.

Despite adding texture to our nails, many nail polishes are usually formulated with toxic chemicals that might be irritants to your skin and nails.

According to DERMAdoctor, there are three dangerous toxic available in many nail polishes, and they are toluene, formaldehyde, and dibutyl phthalate. And you will be surprised to know that they are called the “Big 3” or “Toxic Trio.”

Applying such nail polishes can make your nails dry over time. Dry nails are prone to break. And you might not enjoy long nails all seasons if that happened to your nails.

Besides, your nails might be more prone to keratin granulation if you wear such polish on a routine basis. Keratin clusters together create white spots or blotches on your nails as a consequence of keratin granulation, which happens due to nail polish drying out of the nail beds.

If that happens to you, then you should restrict the application of your nail polish for a while unless your fingernails get back to their regular shade.

Is It Bad to Wear Nail Polish All the Time

The best approach is to avoid shopping for nail polishes just by looking at the shade. Examining your nail polish components is crucial for any type of polish. Knowing so will help you now to stay away from bad nail polishes that can harm your nails by making them extremely dry.

Note that some nail polishes might print on the bottles that they are non-toxic, but truthfully, they are not. So, I’d suggest you should go for trusted brands. My personal favorites are O.P.I., Beetles Gel, Modelones, etc. These brands’ nail polishes have been specifically tasted as toxic-free.

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How Long Should You Wear Nail Polish?

According to Wexner Medical Center, our nails don’t really need any such break from nail polish unless one has been experiencing some sort of issues with their nails, such as redness or cuticle inflammation, discoloration, or brittleness.

Our nails can acquire oxygen as well as nutrients from our blood. So if you’re not experiencing any sort of issues with your nails or fingers, wearing nail polish that is made of natural ingredients won’t create any such mess.

Is It Bad to Wear Nail Polish All the Time

But my best suggestion is for you not to put on your nail polish for more than two weeks. When I remove my nail polish, I allow my nails a couple of days to stay unpainted. That’s just a part of my nail care routine.

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Is It Bad to Wear Nail Polish All the Time? – FAQs

Does regular nail polish damage nails?

Yes, if you keep your nails constantly pigmented with toxic nail polish, then there are high chances of damaging your natural nails.

Does nail polish dry out nails?

It depends on the type of nail polish you are wearing. Some nail polishes contain harsh substances in their formulas, like DBP, toluene, and formaldehyde. Such chemicals can make your nails grow weak, thereby harming their texture and quality from lengthy and robust to brittle and weak.

Is it bad to paint your nails every week?

Yes, if you use nail polishes that contain harmful chemicals. No, if you use organic nail polishes from trusted brands such as OPI, Modelones, Beetles Gel, etc.

Final Takeaway

Now, you might have been acquitted with some new studies regarding your nail polish. First thing first, check your nail polishes to see whether they contain such harsh chemicals or not.

After all, nails are a vital part of our health! And for nail art enthusiasts like us, nails are very special, aren’t they? So, please don’t compromise the health of your nail with chemical contained products when natural products are available.

Also, while removing the nail polish, make sure you use a non-acetone-based nail polish remover to seal-proof your overall manicure session from harmful chemicals. And before applying any nail polish, remember to apply a base coat to keep your natural nails away from getting any stains. Happy polishing!


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