How to Apply False Eyelashes With Long Nails Effortlessly?

Are you a lashista? But keep putting off applying lashes just because you have those lovely long nails? Chuck out the fear, my dear! Glide through the article to know how to apply false eyelashes with long nails effortlessly.

How to Apply False Eyelashes With Long Nails Effortlessly

Eyelash extensions and long nails make us supernaturally beautiful. But you know beauty comes with pain. With long nails, even picking and placing tiny things becomes tiresome.

All until you know the tips and tricks on how to do particular chores with long nails. Knowing that you become indomitable and eyelash application is just a cakewalk. Jump in to know about putting on false eyelashes with long nails!

Supplies You Will Need to Apply False Eyelashes With Long Nails

Most of them will be found on your makeup table. However, here’s the list of items that you should gather together before proceeding with the application of false eyelashes with long nails.

  • Pair of Eyelash Extensions
  • Eyeliner pencil
  • Eyelash applicator/tweezers
  • Mascara
  • Lash glue
  • Handy adjusting mirror
  • Small scissors
  • Makeup remover
  • Eyelash wand/eyelash comb
  • Cotton buds
  • Eyelash curler

How to Apply False Eyelashes With Long Nails?

Applying false eyelashes for the first time with long nails will be quite unmanageable. Fret not! This step-by-step guide will help in applying false eyelashes for beginners with long nails.

Step – 1: Be picky.

Pick up the right eyelash extension that enhances your eye makeup and the one which suits your eye shape. Curliness, length, and thickness are the parameters for a perfect lash.

Step – 2: Prepare mentally and materially.

Do not have an inch of alarm, and be ready with all the items mentioned above. Make sure the table is at your chest level and not too below. Keep the mirror on the table at an angle of 35º such that it faces slightly upwards and toward you.

Step – 3: Start the eye makeup.

Do the eye shadow beforehand because if you do it after placing the extensions, the eye shadow particles might fall on it and cause it to be dirty.

How to Apply False Eyelashes With Long Nails Effortlessly

Curl your natural eyelashes with an eyelash curler to go well with fake ones. 

Step – 4: Anything to do with the fake eyelashes before applying?

Yes, first, unbox the eyelashes. Mostly the false eyelashes are glued onto the tray. Kindly do not pull the eyelashes with your long nails as they might stick into your nails, losing the lash’s pliability. Bend the tray outwards and make way for the eyelash to flare out. Now gently remove the lash with a bent forefinger and thumb.

Step – 5: How to make it appropriate to fit in your eyelash line?

Please do not hold the eyelashes with your long acrylic nails, as this might damage the hair. Always grasp it by the thumb and forefingers. Gently curve it on the inside. This might lose its stiffness and helps in perfectly sitting on your curved eyelash lines. Then, hold it in the middle with tweezers and trim the ends according to your eye size.

Step – 6: Cementing with Eyelash Glue.

So for applying false eyelashes with glue, hold the eyelash with tweezers in the middle, and apply glue on the eyelash band thoroughly. If you don’t have lash glue, you can also use your nail glue in this case.

How to Apply False Eyelashes With Long Nails Effortlessly

Make sure you are not over-applying. If it is not dry, it may slip and slide. So use a blow dryer or hair dryer for 15 seconds to dry the glue. Note that it should not dry completely but should be tacky.

Step – 7: Paste it meticulously.

Applying false eyelashes with tweezers is quite an important step. Lower your face and look down on the mirror placed at 35°. Pull the eyelid upwards and find the eyelash line underneath.

The tacky eyelash is placed carefully on the underneath line, starting from the inside and moving towards the outside. With the forefinger and thumb, press against the eyelash line.

How to Apply False Eyelashes With Long Nails Effortlessly

Please be careful not to keep the lash too close to the inner eye, as it may irritate the eye. Start placing the lash a couple of millimeters away from the inner eye.

Make sure you don’t close your eyes throughout this process. The idea of placing the fake eyelash underneath and not above the natural ones is mainly because it is super easy to place and looks similar to natural eyelashes.

Step – 8: Start embellishing your eyes again.

Gently apply eyeliner pencil above and below the fake eyelashes near the point of the anchor. Apply mascara smoothly without a hurry. By using an eyelash wand, gently comb the mascara-applied eyelashes. 
Always carry the eyelash glue in your bag because, during accidental displacement of the eyelash, you can always glue it together. If the eyelash comes out from any of the corners, do not worry. Just open the mirror and place it down.

Pull the drooping eyelash down, apply glue on that part, and fan that area with your hand until it becomes tacky. Then push it against the corner of the eyelash line with your nails.

At first, your long nails will distract the flow, but as you master it, it indeed becomes a routine. Follow the tutorial gradationally, and the whole procedure takes about 5 minutes at the maximum.

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How to Remove False Eyelashes With Long Nails?

So once your swag with your eyelash extension is over, false eyelashes are to be removed properly.

Use an oil-based makeup remover. Dip the cotton buds in the bowl containing the remover. Rub the buds on the top, underneath, and both corners of the eyelash anchoring part.

Give it a minute or two to do its magic, then see the false eyelash peeling off with your hand. During this process, be careful not to poke your eyes with your nails.

To wash the false eyelashes, hold it with your thumb and forefinger and rub the cotton buds against the eyelash band until the glue gets dissolved completely. Place it back in the tray.

Do not use waterproof mascara, as it may pose difficulty during the clean-up process. After using the eyelash extension, place it back to restore the shape. It may sound obvious! But it is the little things like these that matter the most.

Final Takeaway

Initially, it would appear to be onerous. But once you do it by following the tips on applying false eyelashes with long nails, then it is super simple. In case of slight discomfort, ask someone for help or take professional help.

I hope this tutorial will help you by shooing away all the long nail issues and applying your ever-dreaming cute eyelashes despite your long nails. Keep your standards high, your eyelashes prettier, and your nails longer! Ace the lash game and nail it! Have a fantabu-lash day!


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