Should You Get Short Nails for Volleyball?

Most of us love playing outdoor games, and volleyball is a popular outdoor game and there’s no doubt about it. But here the question is, can you play it with long nails or should you get short nails for Volleyball?

If I talk about myself, I don’t play volleyball cause my nails are very long. And you will be surprised knowing that, I oblique to solely sacrifice a lot of things just to assure a better and healthful life for my nails. It is really important to take special care of your nails if you want glorious hands.

Breaking a nail is very easy, just go careless with your long nails for a couple of moments and you will face the horrific dead end shortly. And getting it back to that long is the real toughest road I’d say, right?

So that’s why we need to be very careful while performing any activities with our hands as we have long natural nails.

Now the sport is something I’d say, it’s quite hard to perform with long nails.

If you are a player (regular or just casual) and if you have a coach who examines everything about you before letting you in the playground, it is quite possible that your coach will stop you to proceed with the game after noticing that you’ve long nails.

Cause most outdoor games such as Volleyball, Cricket, Soccer, etc are very risky to play with Long Nails. You may be harshly injured by performing such games with long nails. Which is really not cool!

Should You Get Short Nails for Volleyball

Now, let’s talk about volleyball especially.

As this is a kind of game you can simply play with your friends or family members in your backyard, and you won’t be having any couch to dominate you here.

Now each of your steps will be obliged to your own decision. And the real question pops up now…

Should You Get Short Nails for Volleyball?

Should You Get Short Nails for Volleyball?

If you are a new Volleyball player, it is recommended that you should not play Volleyball with long nails. Why? continue reading to know it. 😌

When the volleyball is coming towards your side with a great velocity, you are more likely going to hit the volleyball back acting to throw it forcefully with your palms.

Here you will try harder not to touch the volleyball with your fingers. But when you will be lost in the game, your main focus will shift towards the Volleyball from your nails.

It is quite possible that while trying to catch the volleyball fast, you may not place your palms every time to the right coordination, it’s obvious, and if that happens you may get a hit on your nails by the volleyball by chance.

Should You Get Short Nails for Volleyball

Your nails will just bend spontaneously even if you won’t get the hint. It’s going to be happening lightning fast.

The force of the volleyball will definitely be intolerant to your delicate nails. And the end result, you can now imagine that. 😢

So the conclusion that stands here is, that you should definitely get short nails for volleyball. 😊

I have long natural nails, can I anyhow play Volleyball?

Yes, you can play volleyball even if you have long nails. But you can only return the shot back to your opponent. Why so? Well, you will just know it shortly.

What do you’ve to do?

  • Make a fist where your left and right hands are wrapping each other.
  • Leave your thumbs flat and your thumbnails facing upwards.
  • Hit the ball back to your opponent by your forearms.
Should You Get Short Nails for Volleyball

By hitting the Volleyball this way, at least you can make sure that you are going to keep your long nails in a safer place.

As there will be no direct contact between the volleyball and your fingers, which makes it is the least risky to play it with long nails.

But still, you have to be very attentive every single second towards your nails. Also, it’s okay if you are not a regular volleyball player.

At the time of initiating the shot volleyball, pass the ball to your opponent by your feet, and this way you can just avoid the volleyball being touched by your fingers. Quite smart, huh? 😎

You can only do such types of manipulation in that game when you are playing it with your friends or family just for fun and not regularly.

Can I play Volleyball with Acrylic Nails or any type of Fake Nails?

I’d still recommend you to choose the second alternative that I’d mentioned, and play the game most attentively but if your acrylic nails are short, and have no free edges, then you can play volleyball carelessly.

Should You Get Short Nails for Volleyball

As you know, acrylic nails can be short also, no matter if they always should be that long. But if it’s really that long, you should not play volleyball with long acrylic nails, your nails get easily ripped off and you will get injured.

Wrapping up

Now to sum up your doubt, should you get short nails for volleyball or not, is that if you are a regular player of volleyball, I’d say, girl, you have to keep your nails short all the time!

Long nails can lead you to a danger zone. Go with short nails and with that approach, you are simply limiting being undoubtedly injured by this game.

And if you are an occasional player, you can alter the game rules and choose to hit the volleyball by your forearms at the time of returning the shot.

I hope the information I outlined here would be helpful for you. Let me know what’s going on in your mind. 😌

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