What Does the Nail Polish Emoji Mean?

Unlike the smiley emoji, there are a lot of emojis that confuse us and we fail to express their proper meaning. And the same goes for this nail polish emoji too. 💅 I know you have been seeing this nail polish emoji a lot, whether you are sending it or receiving it.

What does the Nail Polish Emoji mean

But what does the nail polish emoji mean? Does it mean she is painting her nails now? Or she’s going for a manicure or something! For heads-up, when you receive a nail polish emoji 💅, the sender could also mean a situation.

But don’t worry; after reading this post, you will get to know what the nail polish emoji means and all of its hidden shades of meaning. Alright, let’s dive into the emoji world to uncover the meaning of this nail polish emoji.

The History of the Nail Polish Emoji

According to EmojiPedia, the official name of that emoji is the “Nail Polish Emoji,” which came out as a Unicode 6 emoji in 2010 and falls under the Smileys & People category.

The Nail Polish Emoji looks like you are delicately painting your long nails with nail polish. However, it appears differently on platforms. For example, the nail polish emoji on iOS is different than on android in terms of looks.

Here is a chart characterizing how it appears on the most popular platforms so that you can get easily familiarized with the nail polish emoji.

What does the Nail Polish Emoji mean

Though the official name is the Nail Polish emoji, most of us even call it Nail Painting Emoji, Painting Nails Emoji, or Nail Emoji.

And that’s just okay to name it according to your imagination.

Now you have got a brief idea about the history of the nail polish emoji. The following part is where I will be sharing the meaning of the nail polish emoji!

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What Does the Nail Polish Emoji Mean?

I know it will surely create a head-scratching situation for you to identify the real intention of the sender if you receive a text message containing only that nail polish emoji – 💅.

nail polish emoji - in message

When extracting the meaning of that Emoji, it will be a bit harder to always stick to one definite purpose. It can also mean something situation-oriented. Here are a few examples that the sender could mean,

  • I can’t text you now as I’m doing my nails.
  • I’m painting my nails right now.
  • I just painted my nails; please wait for a few minutes.
  • I’m heading off to a nail salon to get my nails done.
  • I’m in a nail salon, about to do my nails.
  • I have done my manicure.
  • I am going to do my manicure soon!
  • I have to paint my nails now.
  • I’m going to put my makeup on now. (this emoji also can be entangled in defining beauty material or activities).
  • I have got acrylic nails.
  • I have got new nail polish.
  • I love long nails.
  • I love nail polish.
  • I got new gel nails.
  • I’m obsessed with nails and manicures.
  • I need new nail art.

Note that nail polish emoji can also correlate to anything that falls into the beauty essence or makeup category.

However, this nail polish emoji describes anything regarding the nail, beauty, fashion, and a deep love for something in the sense of endorsing it.

What does the Nail Polish Emoji mean

For examples,

  • I’m super excited for tomorrow, 🥰 💅
  • Oh, I just so LOVE it 💅💅
  • OMG! So cute 🤗💅

Here it means that she is talking about (or encounters) something that has a link with beauty essence, like a new makeup kit or attending a party with her gorgeous dress and elegant makeup, etc.

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Final Takeaway

Apart from appear for nails, nail polish, and nail art, this nail polish emoji can also be used in beauty, makeup, cosmetics, dressing up, shopping, and a lot more related to this category.

After all, it’s a beautiful emoji, and I like it a lot to use it. Besides, this emoji makes me feel more feminine when I use it in a text message. If you get anything impressive about it, do let me know! 🥰


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