Why Do Guys Wear Black Nail Polish? 5 Intriguing Reasons!

I bet you saw a guy with black nail polish and you landed on this page to clear your curiosity. And to tell you, you are just not only the one who noticed that. Yeah, that’s true that guys wear black nail polish.

Why do guys wear black nail polish these days

But why do guys wear black nail polish? Are they following any specific reasons or again it’s a TikTok trend? It’s obvious to think that way as we get to see many times guys with black nail polish in real life as well as on TV and social media.

It’s okay if a girl goes with any color for her nails. Because we feel that nail polish is only for girls and they can wear any color they want. No question asked!

But that’s not entirely true. You’d be surprised to know that nail polish is not a gender-oriented cosmetic. If you dive a bit into the history of nail polish, you’ll get to know that nail polish was used by both males and females to mark their social status in the ancient era. It helped at that time to identify who belonged to which social category.

Over time, nail polish gradually merges with beauty and cosmetic products, mainly for women. And this is why right in this era, we only know that nail polish is a beauty product for women. So we don’t get baffled seeing various nail colors on girls this time.

But when we spot guys often with black nails, it becomes mysterious for us to figure this out! And questions like “Why do guys wear black nail polish these days?” and “Is that a new Instagram trend?” become too obvious.

Fret not, if you are looking for an answer, you are in the right post. After reading this post, you will finally be able to discover why guys are wearing black nail polish.

Why Do Guys Wear Black Nail Polish?

Dressing up is a personal preference. However, in most cases, it is found that people are more likely to dress up in such a way that makes them feel good.

Why do guys wear black nail polish these days

But some people like to adopt style from others, thinking it might go cool with them too. Now, a guy is wearing black nail polish; it can also be his personal preference.

Also, if we categorize all the colors in terms of masculine and feminine brand personality, you can see that black is considered a masculine color whereas yellow, purple, red, and pink are considered feminine colors.

The color statement can also be a strong reason behind black nail polish for guys. Maybe it’s true that guys (straight) are very conscious of picking up stuff that won’t question their nature.

And thus this is now becoming a signature color for guys who wish to paint their nails. Maybe the next guy is choosing black color as a nail polish influenced by others. And that’s completely okay!

However, the fact I just mentioned is only one explanation of why guys wear black nail polish these days. There are numerous other reasons to explain that contribute to this trend, and each individual may have their own unique motivation. But, here, I will highlight some of the most common justifications behind why many guys choose to wear black nail polish only.

Why Do Guys Wear Black Nail Polish

1. Subculture or music influence:

Guys wearing black nail polish are not limited to any specific culture. It has now become a popular trend in various subcultures and fashion scenes mostly in Western cultures. Some guys might be inspired by subcultures like goth, punk, or rock, where wearing black nail polish is a popular fashion choice.

2. Breaking gender stereotypes:

When a guy wears black nail polish, it goes against the typical opinions of what’s seen as “manly” or “girly.” This challenges traditional thoughts about how men and women should act or look.

But nowadays there are guys who are showing by wearing black nail polishes that they don’t have to follow these strict rules. They want to create a world where everyone feels accepted, no matter how they express themselves. It’s a way of saying that everyone is important and should be treated equally.

3. Solidarity and support:

Similar to the approach of breaking gender stereotypes, there are guys who wear black nail polish to show solidarity and support for important causes. For example, raising awareness about mental health, LGBTQ+ rights, or other social issues.

Black nail polish on guys, therefore, acts as a visual symbol of their sole support for such causes which can help initiate conversations and create awareness for the same.

4. Artistic expression:

Nail art is a great way to showcase our artistic nature. What if guys who wear black nail polish may enjoy experimenting with different nail designs, and patterns, or even using their nails as a canvas for miniature artworks?

5. Confidence booster:

There are guys who wear black nail polish primarily to boost their confidence. This approach somehow helps them to embrace their unique style in different domains without fear of judgment or societal expectations.

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Can Guys Wear Different Color Nail Polishes Also?

As I mentioned earlier, it’s ultimately a personal choice. So absolutely, guys can also wear different colors of nail polishes as well. There’s no restriction on it.

Time is changing. Now nail polish is not for girls only to use. Some guys like to play around with different shades and can even go for nail art and acrylic nails.

For example, David Bowden (one of my favorite singers, aka Pink Sweats), appeared with beautiful nail art in his song “At My Worst (feat. Kehlani).”

I feel great to see it. And I admire that. Still, in some societies, it’s not acceptable for guys to paint their nails. Even though you are straight, your own family will not accept such changes in you.

I believe that the list of such questions regarding nail polish and nail art for guys will disappear as many male celebrities are adopting it and that will make it easier for other guys to go with it.

There will be a time when it will be easier for guys to put on their favorite color without fear of being judged by others.

Hence eventually, a guy will not get any hesitation to go with his favorite color and adore his nail the way he wants.

Final Takeaway

So, I hope you get an idea about why guys wear black nail polish in this blog post.

You can also ask your male friends why they wear black nail polish; they might have a different reason. (if they paint their nails with only black nail polish). Also, it could be fun to know different verdicts from guys in this regard.


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