Maintain the strength of your long nails

If you are more exposed to soaps, detergents, then your long nails can be brittle.  To defeat it, start using moisturizers daily for your long nail health

Maintain a favorable nail length

Don’t overstep the length of your nails to that point where they become trouble for you.  Find that favorable length of your nails and keep maintaining that length.

Never use your long nails as a tool

Using your long nails as a tool such as opening a lid, peeling stuff can simply worsening the loveliness of your long nails.  Treat them as newborn babies.

Keep your long nails clean

Ugly nails are unpleasant. To beautify your natural long nails, you should have to routinely work on your long nails to keep them always clean.

Omit any bad habits

If you have any such bad habit that can damage the loveliness of your long nails such as biting, then omit it as soon as possible.

Limit using too many cosmetics

Using nail paint for too long a time can cause the nail color to change to yellowish.  Limit your nail polish and give your nails collide with the fresh air sometimes.

Make a nail nourishment plan

For better and stronger nails and to beautify your natural long nails, start taking biotin. Most common food items containing biotin are egg yolk, yeast, avocado, etc.

The way you care for your hair and give time to it, do the same for your long nails. To me, long natural nails are the glory of a woman.   Read the full article here. Swipe up.