Stunning Almond shape Nail Designs for your next Mani


Common daisy

Floral nail arts are always stunning and daisy art on your almond shape nails will give a sensation look and surely bring a lot of compliments for you.


Colorful Pattern

If you want to make your almond shape nails more highlighted, then this nail art will surely do the best on your almond-shaped nails.


Glowing heart emoji

Who doesn’t love the heart emoji? If you want a premium look on your nails, then heart emoji designs nail art will be the best choice.


Strawberry design

Looking for some quirky designs for your almond-shaped nails? Then you may consider this type of strawberry design on your nails.


Pastel Purple

You can do nail arts by matching them with your outfits. If case you are wearing anything purple, get this pastel purple nail art for your almond-shaped nails.


Teal for feel

Teal is a vibrant color in today’s fashion. This teal nail art with triangle shapes by washi tapes will give your almond nails an eye-catching look.


Daisy prints

If you are the one who loves experimenting with new designs on your acrylic nails, then these daisy flower prints will never let you down.


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