Applying and massaging the cuticles with nutrient-rich oils locks in the "moisture" needed for strong and thick nails.  Following are 7 product recommendations to add to your daily self-care rituals!

Pros: Award-winning fan favorite, deeply conditioning, Blend of light Vitamin rich oils & Quick results with repeated usage Cons: Questionable quantity for the price

1. CND SolarOil Nail

Pros: Easy to use Pen Applicator, Fragrance- free, Portable, Refillable Cons: Simple blend which can be easily found in the market, could use more ingredients for the price

2. Bliss Kiss Nail Oil

Pros: Value for money, soft bristle easy applicator, unique blend of oils, Leak-proof Cons: Runs out fast, non-refillable

3. Ecco Pure Oil

Pros: Cruelty-free, 100% paraben-free, Plant-based, interesting blend, Nourishment from Honey, Product lasts long Cons: Design is not travel-friendly, Expensive, Messy applicator

4. Cuccio Cuticle Oil

Pros: Beginner-friendly, Giftable, Stylish, Affordable, Portable, Optimum size Cons: Greasy, Smells like cooking oil

5. Sally Hansen Oil

Pros: Soft brush, Easy to use applicator, various scents to choose from, Lightweight Oils Cons: Twist Pens need a lot of work to start which might test the patience

6. 6Pcs Cuticle Oils

Pros: Value for money, Ultra- nourishing, Age-old trusted brand, Fast absorption, Conditioning, goes on smoothly, Long Lasting, deeply penetrating Cons: Packaging problems

7. OPI ProSpa Nail Oil

In short, what hair oil is to hair is what cuticle oil is for nails which are essential to overall nail health. Moreover, these little self-care rituals are a great add-on to your beauty regime.