Dip powder is more lightweight than acrylic considering the powder form and is a stronger manicure method used around.  Nexgen Dip powders are basically one of the best dip powders available right now.

1. Lighter and healthier on the nails.

The powder gets absorbed easily and forms a lightweight nail which is easier than acrylics. The ingredients are as natural as it gets for the health of the nails!

2. Long-lasting

Nexgen is stronger than acrylics which have a lesser chance of chipping or breaking. It’s basically water-resistant which makes them practically chip-free. Nexgen lasts longer!

3. Less Damage.

Since Nexgen nails don't require a lot of buffing, the nail beds stay protected as compared to the acrylic manicure method. Buffing can damage the nails and hinder growth often.

4. Affordable pricing.

Nexgen nails are a bit cheaper than gel & acrylics considering their quality. It's a win-win situation. Given the many advantages, the colors look vibrant with Nexgen's powder.

5. Vitamin E and Calcium.

Two of the most nail-friendly ingredients are the core of Nexgen nails. Nails are made out of protein and Vitamin E & Calcium help in protecting those natural nails of yours.

6. Faster Application.

Considering less buffing and dipping the nails, Nexgen nails are the faster manicure methods. To be honest, the entire process is satisfying in itself surprisingly.

7. Doesn't require UV light.

Nexgen doesn't require a UV light lamp for setting. UV light can be harmful to some extent given the radiation to the nails, and the skin that comes under the exposure.

Considering the biggest advantage of long-lasting nails could be the biggest disadvantage for some. It takes quite a lot of professional help to get rid of Nexgen nails before it has run its course.

As affordably priced as they are, some manicurists have priced them on a heavier side considering their advantages and popularity among the customers. It’s definitely a manicurist's go-to.

Sometimes, sanitation is a concern for many people considering a lot of clients dip into the same powder. Although, it's not a major problem given the history but could be for some people.

My personal favorite advantage is a chip-free manicure.



The entire process of Nexgen is more enjoyable than tedious literally.


The advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Every coin has two sides!