Are Acrylic Nails Okay to Wear at School?

That’s a most common queried question if you are a schoolgirl and at the same time, you are in love with acrylic nails.

“I love acrylic nails a lot and I want to flaunt my nails by wearing them, but I doubt, are acrylic nails okay to wear at school or not?”

That’s the most common dilemma among schoolgoing teenagers regarding acrylic nails that I come across on the internet.

We all know that schools have specific dress codes and nails also fall under this section. Many schools strictly don’t allow the students to keep their nails long. And the school run a check-up periodically to ensure everyone follows all sort of rules.

Now let’s split all the things point to point to make this stuff clear out of doubt.

Why did most schools not allow their students to keep long nails?

Let me tell you a bit about me in that situation!

You might be surprised that I first fell in love with long nails when I was in middle school. And yeah I started to grow my nails since then and did a lot type of nail art on them too.

My school didn’t put any restrictions on me for having long nails. I started to receive appreciation from my teachers. That was so lovely and it keeps on boosting my intensity of love towards long nails and nail art.

But I notice at the same time, that many schools don’t even allow their students with long nails. And after research on the internet, I come to know why they don’t allow it…

  • A student can hit another student with her long nails. I can say yes, it is quite possible to happen cause a middle school girl is indeed a child at that age, and she will still be having that childish manner undoubtedly. She can easily hit her friends with her nails.
  • With long nails, it will be very hard for school students to write things faster, finish the exams on time, and cope up day to day study activities. That’s also 100% true. I solely agree with that fact. Cause I’d a very hard time managing my study stuff with long nails.
  • Students will spend a good amount of time on their nails to polish them or doing nail art on them. I know, I run the same course and spent a lot of time on them. 😀
  • Last but not least, the hygiene, if you have long nails, you have to clean them properly in order for your nails to maintain the cleanliest health, and most students at that age aren’t well educated about hygiene.

These are the reasons why most schools don’t allow their students to keep long nails or any form of acrylic or fake nails.

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Are Acrylic Nails Okay to Wear at School?

Now, most modern schools are neither caring about students’ personal lifestyles, nor interfering with them. Their only intention is to provide valuable education to the students. Their students can wear any type of outfit they want.

Are Acrylic Nails Okay to Wear at School?

Recently this post on Twitter grabbed my attention that schools are adopting new dress codes accepting all the modern types of attires.

I didn’t notice acrylic nails anywhere on the school rule book but I feel like if they are accepting such attires, it’s quite possible that they won’t have any restrictions on acrylic nails so far.

But all the schools out there aren’t having the same type of policies. So you should have to examine how your one is. Also, it does vary from country to country and culture to culture.

I’d say, you can run an outer observation like is your school running a regular checkup on students’ nails or not, or did you hear anything from them about acrylic nails or not, or else you can directly talk to your teachers.

Even it’s coming on news that some schools are putting a ban on fake nails as they observed students are totally unable to pick a pen with acrylic nails. And if your school declares anything like that, then you have no way to wear acrylic nails at all.

Wrapping up

Even if your school is okay with long nails, you should still follow certain personal rules. You should not wear too long acrylic nails, cause you know it will put some restrictions on your academic life.

Are Acrylic Nails Okay to Wear at School?

It will be very hard for you to type fast on a computer initially, and constructing geometric diagrams will be the second hardest thing. Keep that length which won’t make it harder to cope with day-to-day activities. You should keep your study on priority than any sort of thing out there.

Well, that’s all about it, let me know what’s spinning in your mind! 😌

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