Are Acrylic Nails Okay to Wear at School?

Indulging in beauty and fashion has no particular age limit. One can start adoring herself with presentable fashion at any age; it’s crucial. The fashion and apparel industry is booming and so is the manicure industry. And in today’s fad, acrylic nails are pre-eminent.

Are Acrylic Nails Okay to Wear at School

I know we spent a good amount of our life span on school. And to maintain the dress code of the school, you have to give up on many things that you love. So let’s talk about acrylic nails that we all adore. Are acrylic nails okay to wear at school? Or it’s still on the restricted list on the school’s dress code?

We all know that schools have specific dress codes, and nails also fall under this section. For example, many schools (not particularly in the US) strictly don’t allow students to keep their nails long. And such schools even run a check-up periodically to ensure everyone follows all sorts of rules.

I know you are looking for an answer to whether it is okay to wear acrylic nails at school, so stay with me till the end of this article. I’ll split all the things point to point to set this thing out of your doubt.

Most Schools Don’t Allow Students to Keep Long Nails- WHY?

Let me tell you a bit about me in that situation! You might be surprised that I first fell in love with long nails in junior high school. I indulged to grow my nails since then. However, my passion for nail art wasn’t underrated.

My school didn’t put any restrictions on me for having long nails. In fact, I started to receive appreciation from my teachers and friends. That was so lovely for me, and it helped me to continue my passion and love for long nails and nail art.

Are Acrylic Nails Okay to Wear at School

But I notice at the same time that many schools don’t allow their students to keep long nails. And after researching various facts, I came to know why many schools don’t let their students maintain long nails or wear nail extensions. Here are the reasons;

  • A student can hurt another student with her long nails, maybe not intentionally but accidentally. I can say yes, it is quite possible to happen as a junior high school girl is indeed a kid at that age. But most of the time, it’s obvious that she can hurt even her best friend unknowingly.
  • With long nails, it will be tough for school students to write things faster, make sketches, finish exams on time, and cope with daily study activities. That’s also 100% true. Schools don’t want anything that can be an obstacle to studying for their students.
  • Students will spend a good amount of time on their nails to polish them or do nail art. I know, I run the same course and spend a lot of time on them. Just like long hair, to maintain long nails in proper shape and condition, you require to spend a good time on them daily.
  • Last but not least is hygiene; if you have long nails, you have to clean them properly for your nails to maintain the cleanliest health, and most students at that age aren’t well familiar with hygiene.

This is why most schools restrict students from keeping long nails or getting acrylic or press-on nails.

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Are Acrylic Nails Okay to Wear at School?

Most schools neither care about the personal lifestyles of their student nor interfere with them. Such schools are only focused to provide quality education to the students. In that case, students who attend such schools can wear acrylic nails as well as any outfits.

Are Acrylic Nails Okay to Wear at School

Recently this post on Twitter grabbed my attention that schools are adopting new dress codes accepting all modern types of attires.

I didn’t find anything specific to acrylic nails in the school rule book, but if they accept such dressed, it’s safe to assume that acrylic nails should be okay to wear at school.

But all the schools out there aren’t synced with the same guidelines. So it would help if you find out how your one is. Also, it does vary from country to country and culture to culture.

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You can run an outer observation to check whether your school is running a regular check-up on nails or not. Also, find out, if there’s any regulation towards acrylic nails in the rule book before you decide to get your acrylic nails done.

Even it’s coming on the news that some schools are restricting fake nails as they observed students could not pick a pen with acrylic nails. And if your school declares anything like that, then you have no way to wear acrylic nails.

Final Takeaway

Even if your school has no such restrictions on long or acrylic nails, you should still make and follow specific personal rules. For example, you should not wear extremely long acrylic nails as you know it will create many problems in your academic life.

Initially, it will be tough for you to type fast on a computer, and constructing geometric diagrams will be the second hardest task. Maintain a safe length for your nails, which will not make your academic life harder to cope with daily.


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